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11 Grams - Panacea
11 Grams is a futurist-inspired musical partnership between Simeon Fitzpatrick (Project K11, AUS) & Rob Early (Retrogramme, U.S.A). This Australian/American based duo have created an addictive Electro/Industrial/EBM/Synthpop style with catchy bass riffs, complex melodies and precise hi-tech musicianship. Combining electronic music and unique style of electronic wizardry from various projects, together these musical artists have forged tracks of influential stature.
Available from 29 September 2017 by EK Product.

01. Machine Malfunction
02. Feel It Like A Drug
03. The Stalker
04. The Stalker 2 (Daniel Myer Version)
05. Immortal
06. Visions
07. S.O.D. (Give Me Death)
08. Cutaneous
09. Synthetic 3.5
10. Synthetic 4.0 (Xavier Swafford Version)
11. Twist The Knife
12. Machine Malfunction (Atropine Version)
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: EK Product / 2017-09-27 / News

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