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63 Days Part V - Krępulec

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The Warsaw Rising subject has always been important for me and I treat it quite personally, so when I learnt that Fluttering Dragon decided to release a series of singles dedicated to this issue I was very interested in the result. The fifth, lasting less than twelve minutes, project of "63 Days'"by Krępulec consists of 3 tracks. The first is "Marsz Śródmieścia" and I admit that I was surprised to see a mistake in the name and identification of this insurgent song. In fact, the song that starts "Part V" is called "Pierwszy Sierpień". Then it turns into "Baon AK "ZOŚKA""; uncomplicated, dark song where we are accompanied by blaring kettledrums, drums and industrial hums, sometimes interwoven with keyboard parts. All together it creates a depressing impression and it was definitely Krepulec's idea. The third, and last song called "Stroop's Rapport" combines complicated piano melody, stylized on the classic key parts, and the title report of Jürgen Stroop who commanded the suppression of Warsaw Ghetto rising. In the middle of the song the noise of flying plains and bombs explosions appears. And this was the part that moved my imagination most. Maybe the single isn't great but it is definitely not weak, it evokes emotions and imagination and, in my opinion, that's the point of this kind of music. Although, I must admit, that among the singles on "63 Days" I mostly favored "Part IV" by Cold Fusion.

1. Marsz Śródmieścia
2. Baok AK 'Zośka'
3. Raport Stroopa
Translator: Antares
Add date: 2007-11-16 / Music reviews

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