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Agent Side Grinder

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Agent Side Grinder
Henrik Sunbring, Kristoffer Grip, Peter Fristedt, Johan Lange i Thobias Laser Eidevald

Agent Side Grinder
Thobias Laser Eidevald, Henrik Sunbring, Peter Fristedt, Kristoffer Grip, Johan Lange i Pontus Svensson

Szwecja / Sweden

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, minimal synth, post-punk


Band members:

Kristoffer Grip - vocal
Johan Lange - synthesizers
Henrik Sunbring - synthesizers
Peter Fristedt - modular synthesizer i samples
Thobias Eidevald - bass guitar


Agent Side Grinder is an electronic band from Stockholm, formed in 2005.
Their first two albums, "Agent Side Grinder" (2008) and "Irish Recording Tape" (2009) were rooted in post-punk, industrial and dark electro. The band quickly gained an underground following throughout Europe.
Their third album "Hardware" (2012) showed a bigger and more textured sound and was met with universal acclaim. It was named "album of the month" in Vice Magazine, topped several annual "best of-lists" including Dagens Nyheter, Metro and Time Out Paris and won the Manifest-award (Swedish indie-grammy) for best synth album in 2012.
Agent Side Grinder has done five European tours and played festivals such as Wave-Gotik Treffen, The Great Escape, Eurosonic, Paaspop, Les Transmusicales de Rennes, Drop Dead Festival and Arvikafestivalen. They have opened for bands such as Suicide and Cold Cave and collaborated with artists like Dirk Ivens, Kite and Henric de la Cour.
2013 saw the North American release of "Hardware" and also an extensive remix album called "SFTWR". Expect new Agent Side Grinder album in 2015