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Agrezzior - Strike Back



Jesper and Mika from Autodafeh started Agrezzior as a project where different artists could help each other out with miscellaneous music ideas. Agrezzior will now release their third album "Strike Back". This album will show that the fighter has become fully scilled and delivers punches, uppercuts and are in your face thru the whole album. The album "Strike Back" is full of energy and doesnt leave anyone untouched. Its cool, its raw and it is pure old school EBM.
Available from 29 September 2017 by Infacted Recordings.

1. Never Wait To Hate
2. Joker Joker
3. Strike Back
4. Bkks
5. Peace And War
6. Master
7. Youth
8. Me And You
9. Kraft (Feat. Orange Sector)
10. Fingerprint (2017)
11. Shout (2017)
12. Statue Of Liberty (2017)
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Infacted Recordings / 2017-09-26 / News

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