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Amphi Festival 2010

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Cologne is known as being one of the biggest German cities with a monumental gothic cathedral, or the lovers’ bridge being its showpiece. We can safely say that the city has gained another thing to be proud of. The annual Amphi Festival is renowned not only in Germany, but in whole Europe. When 16 thousand of people gathers in one place, this has to be a great event, and when this number concerns silhouettes all attired in black, it’s obvious that this event must be a Dark Independent music festival.


The concert took place on small stage, though magnitude of popularity which the project has acquired, would rather suggest placing them on the main stage. More and more fans were incoming every minute. It was impossible to count all the dressed up, the most "dandified" ones, ready for typically German dance, the dance that Federhead presents in a videoclip to "TZDV". They started calmly from "Girly Show", but a moment later during "Acquire The Fire" it seemed that walls of the hall will shortly crack up because of energy pulsing both from the performers and fans. Savage dance of the public plus vivid Live Act of the guys from S.A.M. made a typical German show. It’s clear that the performance didn’t carry out any major musical value, but I must admit that Feaderhead’s vocal sounds pretty well on concerts. The whole thing keeps up the album style. Without disparaging the project, they did quite well, delighting masses of fans who were served a maximum doze of German electronics.

Girly Show
Acquire The Fire
ZigZag Machinery
Destroy Improve Rebuild
Horizon Born
O/H Scavenger

I guess each show of this winsome project is good. They fulfil nearly all expectations. Their music sounds even better live than it does on records, there’s melody and fun. Both male and female vocals are good. Ears and eses are pleased. There’s always some attraction along with the show. This time it was huge white balloons thrown towards the public, and also red confetti hearts. The public stood gaping at Welle:Erdball, singing the songs along with them. They played i.a. "Pouppe de cire", "Das souvenir", or "Ich bin aus Plastik". All the gathered had grin on their faces, what’s the greatest remuneration for the project.

Though Blutengel has made many interesting, catchy songs, they sound good only on record. This well known project, despite being commonly liked and appreciated, especially in Germany, goes well merely visually. The concerts do not reflect what is presented on albums. Chris’s voice sounds terrible, also singing too slow or too fast. They do always look pretty on stage. A lot of props, dancing girls with beautiful choreography, nice make-up, etc. Yet it’s a pity that there’s such a disproportion between the presence and the music itself. There’s one more relationship between Blutengel and the audience. No matter how tragic the live show is, they’ll always be delighted, the applause will re-echo around the whole concert area. Especially if songs like"Oxidising Angel" or "Bloody Pleasures" will sound as well as this time.

Behind the mirror
Oxidising angel
Soul of ice
Winter of my life
Dreh dich nicht um
Vampire romance
Bloody pleasures

Anne Clark:
She’s the one who knows how to compose a great infusion of poeticness, dark atmosphere and passion. There’s no need for pretty outfits, decorations. The art of recitation stands up for itself, and adding in Anne’s charismatic voice, the success is certain. However there was one serious drawback of this performance, yet this was organisation issue. It’s about placing such stirring concert In the lineup during the daytime, which absolutely demolished the effect. The festival atmosphere itself doesn’t fit an element of concentration, which is necessary for the right perceiving. Nevertheless, such artists should only be performing chamber concerts, in smaller rooms, not mass parties that rumble with brisk and definitely less ambitious music. But even this couldn’t keep Anne Clark from giving one of the best concerts for mature fans.

And One:
The headliner, awaited by nearly everyone. Like in a theatre, they loomed up from mist of smoke behind a huge, heavy curtain on stage. Opinions about this project may vary. From absolutely positive to critical. Trashy songs are very catchy but unfortunately there are moments when the kitsch becomes too patent. Besides this we have really good Steve’s voice which bewitches and makes us subconsciously want to hear the concert out. The hit song, "Military Fashion Show", confirmes that there is some positive scintilla about And One. Thus it’s hard to easily evaluate the project. Having in mind the chanting audience’s re action we could say that it has some inner charm which attracts thousands of fans.


A few words about this one, cyber boysband – seems the best way to define this project. All dressed-up, they don’t represent anything but the outfit. They just look silly on stage. Two dancing girls involved In the show only marked that Ex!te Has nothing musically interesting to offer besides the trashy envelope. They player their well-known track "Poser" and "Gothic Pussy". The worst concert of this year’s Amphi Festival edition.

Dead Bang
Electronic Revolt
Gothic Pussy (Horrorporn Edit)
Boyz Love Girlz
Keep on doing your great work

Rabia Sorda:
Erk’s energy filled up the whole stage area as always. Whatever you say about his side project, the show with either Hocico or Rabia Sorda is always great. Perhaps it’s about this incredible energy and his involvement in the concert? We can’t question the music also. The most important thing is that it sounds identically as it does on records, no counterfeit here. All seems true, and Dynamics of the rhythm makes everyone move, the body itself dictates to go along in time of electronic music. Plus great contact with the audience and such hit songs as "Out of Control" or "Radio Paranoia". Nothing more nothing less – one of really dynamic concerts, felicitous from beginning to end.

Today in Mexico (intro)
Out of Control
Get your overdose
Radio Paranoia
What U get is what U see
Dibujando el veneno (instrumental)
Save Me from my Curse
Heart Eating Crows

The crowds gathered like an anthill. Fans-ants surrounded the whole area in front of the stage. Everyone was impatiently awaiting the commonplace Combichrist. We all know how the Germans adore this project’s stuff. Danceable rhythms are just to their liking. The most peculiar element was Ronan of VNV Nation’s announcement, who suddenly appeared on stage just before the performance. Unfortunately, assessing by no visible feedback, the Germans didn’t under stand a single word of what the Britisher had said. Lastly, applause and shouts reverberated all around. Combichrist on stage. They did quite well, "whacked up" as alwayes. It was fast, aggressive and very combichrist-like. There were the greatest hits and frenzy of the gathered. One more time the same project was successful In the same way. I wonder if within 3 years time we will still jump up to "This Shit will Fuck You up", or maybe something else will come into fashion.

VNV Nation:
This nice project doesn’t need to be introduced. VNV Nation’s concerts are always full of positive energy that pierces everyone below the stage. And so it happened this time. The only thing the fans could complain about was the fact that the concert had to over. They played all important pieces, like "Illusion", "Standing" or "Genesis". The public was numerous of course. VNV Nation is an ex ample of the well performed show.

Pro Victoria
Tomorrow never comes
The Great Divide
Honour 2003

Letzte Instanz:
A combination of harsh sound with folk usually goes off well together. That’s how it is In case of this band. Finally we got some real instruments not merely electronics. Comparing with others, Letzte Instanz sounded a lot more truely, and that’s what made them noticeable among the synthetic projects. A snappy violin player jumping around the stage and the cello guy pitting opposite are rare enough to attract nearly everyone. We could see that each one of the crew was doing their best, they had fun themselves along with the audience who made the hangar full to the brim. Catchy music and friendly atmosphere – it’s all about this show.

Mea Culpa & Mein Engel
Flucht ins Glück
Dein Licht
Ohne Dich
Der Garten
Mein Gott
Schau in mein Gesicht
Mein Todestag
Wir sind allein
Rapunzel (Song 2)

Having a chance to experience the Amphi Festival for the first time, here’s my unpolluted opinion about this event. I must admit then, besides the beauty of the city – Cologne, there’s something about it - amazing, magical atmosphere that makes us want Amphi to last forever, and going back to Poland is a sad must. The public and the locals are nice and smiling, and festival organization and order deserve great respect. These two days of music are Worth travelling hundreds of kilometres and I encourage everyone to meet up with this magic adventure which Amphi Festival certainly is.

Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-11-03 / Live reports

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