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Antyscena 4.0

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Jaded with meager melodies, flat beats deprived of any stimulating value? Bored with performances of the below-average musicians not offering any novelties apart from once-proven, safe, easily approachable and appalingly complaisant quasi-pieces? Desirous for a range of outstanding audio-visual experiences, compositions almost crippling with their uncompromising noise, putting an individual in the particular state of perverse oblivion? I have a great pleasure to state that a cyclical event named Antyscena will fully cater to the musical taste of each and every lover of the most extreme forms of tumult. On 19th March an exceptionally destructive sound wave stroke a place called Flow Club in Katowice, sonically incapacitating every person who was (mis)fortuante enough to find him/herself withing its striking distance.

Bearing in mind diversified states of tolerance of different levels noise intensity of particular indivduals, the ones resposible for the event were catiously allowancing proper doses of sounds, starting the evening from an immensly relaxing set, which constituted a perfect warm-up, exemplarily preparing for the reception of the proper musical strike. The commencement of chaos occured along with the taking of the stage by a project named C.H District, form the very beginning ruthlessly attacking with its ineffably harmonizing amalgamtions of wide range of sounds, emanating a sort of hypnotizing characteristic, which was incessantly attracting, indecently luring the attendees to the dance floor. The addendum to this musical whole comprised the perfectly-choosen visualisations, aesthetically complementing the pleasure that was being derived from captivating tunes played by C.H. District.
The continuation of this unhibited, refined in its ruthlessly devastating potential chaos was marked by the beginning of the performance of Wieloryb - the Polish representative of electro/noise scene, whose exquistite pieces are currently released on the acllaimed label Hands Production. Strongly saturated with all sorts of turmoil and clamor imaginable, with pure electronic noise, the set of Wieloryb comprised a no mean feat of endurance, even for the most inured and seasoned noise enthusiasts. It seemed that every subsequent track was surpassing the extremes of the truly noise-inducing sounds, yet it was difficult to state unequivocally its acme; similarily as in the case of C.H.District, the whole consisted of a multitude of grindingly crashing compositions ceaselessly wreaking havoc in the minds of the daredevils attending the event, while simultanouesly driving them to the peculiarily ecstatic states of mind.

It was painfully loud, the intensity of noise was often exceeding the recognizable borders of decency, in a truly positive sense of the words. Antyscena proves that the way of playing which literally cripples with its volume can be easily absorbed by the braver and more resistan ones, as long as the tunes, which they are treated to, distinguish with the highest class and quality, about which a great number of toher bands/projects does not dare to fantasize, yet alone bring into being. We thank for this immensly shocking sound therapy, impatiently anticipating the fifth edition of the event, which will surely bring along a huge dose of energy.

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C.H. District
VJ Kvass
Chino live
Translator: murd
Add date: 2011-04-02 / Live reports

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