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The convulsive symphonies played or/and performed by Apocaliptyca has so far enchanted hundreds of lovers of such sounds worldwide. No wonder. The compilation of peculiar acords of cellos and heavy metal sounds, both stunning and full of passion, creates an undecently genius amalgamation. Although they have been around for over 15 years, their fan base has been constantly growing. Along with the new record "7th Symphony", The Finnish musicians embarked on an European tour, which also included Poland, and Poznań, among other Polish cities, where the band was meant to perform at Eskulap. However, the show was transferred to CK Zamek, due to a truly surprising closure of the above mentioned club.

More than 2000 fans arrived to see this amazing spectacle of sounds. Even though the concert hall has two levels (including a balcony with seats, and a level below, where the stage is situated), it was full to the limit.The anticipating were immensly crowded, gazing incessantly at the stage, still empty, though. At last, it started! The trio of violoncellsits and their drummer got round to their musical duties on the spot by starting with "On the Rooftop with". The energy was flowing around the hall from the very first track, the further we were going, the hotter the atmosphere was getting. Upon playing the third song, very well-known and acclaimed "Grace", it may have seemed that the audiance was under some sort of invisible spell, as if it had completely surrendered to the power of the band. The whole hall shook excepetionally when the time for "Master of Puppets" came. The explosion of sounds overwhelmed everyone, without exceptions. The windmill (waging your head around), usually presented to the audiance by Eicca Toppinen and Perttu Kivilaakso, is a definite show-stopper. And once again one was able to witness that mad head-shaking, conducted to the rhythm of some heavier, more metal tracks. After the cover of Metallica, the band made yet another surprise. The next track in turn was "Broken Pieces", a song to have been performed live for the first time ever. Such tribute to the Polish audiance must have been highly appreciated. People were in constant interaction with Apocaliptica. The band was simply delighted with the crowd's effusive feedback - the audiance kept on showing its admiration and devotion to the band throughout the show. After some catchy songs, there were heavy tunes and finally the band treated the audiance to their melancholic piece of music "Bittersweet", which undoubtedly made some individuals shed a tear or two. When the melachonly-limit was exceeded, metal rhythms were back on a track once again. Another cover of Metallica, "Sick N Destroy" razed everything to the ground. That was the way people should relish a performance till the dawn breaks! Unfortunatley, the end was imminient. They played "Inqisition Symphony" as the very last track, which was welcomed with quite an applause, blending with the echo of the hall like cascades of water. Calling the name's band out, in hope that they would appear onstage again in order to encore, was by all means profitable. Having put the icing on the cake, Apocaliptica played three more songs, "I don't Care" among others. Another applause and shouts filled the insides of CK Zamek. One may have claimed that everything was literally shaking, not only due to the ear-numbing noise, but first and foremost becuase of the whole gamut of emotions accompanying the event.
Even the cold of the night was not capable of chilling the intensity of emotions after the Apocaliptic musical madness. Certainly, the cello will be always associated with this concert, as far as I am concerned. The dose of energy was received. I hope it will be sufficient until the next time comes. May it be as soon as possible!

01. On the Rooftop with
02. Quasimodo
03. 2010
04. Grace
05. Master of Puppets
06. Edn of Me
07. Broken Pieces
08. Refuse/Resist
09. Beautiful
10. Sacra
11. Bittersweet
12. Last Hope
13. Bring Them to Light
14. Seek N Destroy
15. Inquisition Symphony
16. At the Gates of Manala
17. I don’t Care
18. Hall of the Mountain King
Translator: murd
Add date: 2010-11-25 / Live reports

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