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Apple TV (1st gen) as Music Server



Writen at: 2018-05-16 15:29:22

I plan to buy a 1st gen apple tv with 160gb drive and remote control it using my iphone 3.
It's a good budget music server option and I'm already an apple fanboy. I don't want to stream so the new model is out.
To start with, I thought I'd just connect the analog outs from the ATV to my Amplifier (Rega Brio). Later down the track when I have a bit more money, I'll use the ATV's optical out and stick a nice DAC in between.
My questions:
1) Does this seem like a reasonable plan? 160gb will be plenty for me, I've heard the ATV DAC is passable for now and in future the only limit on sound quality should be my budget for an external DAC.
2) If I'm not streaming but playing music from ATV's internal HD, can I still use the remote app on my iphone to control playback?
3) There are also docks like the Arcam irDock and Cambridge Audio's dock but reading the reviews suggests that the end result from these won't be much different from using the ATV's analog outs?

Any help will be apprecited.

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