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Architect, Destroid and support


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In just a few days, 4 great groups are going to play a concert at the "Laznia" klub in Krakow:

Architect [DE]
Destroid [DE]
C.H. District [PL]
Monstergod [PL]

Entrance is opened from 6 pm, the concert is to start at about 7 - 7.30 pm.
To make the performance more attractive, the shows will take place on two stages - a "big" and a "small" one.
On the "big" stage, you will see:

ca. 7.30 pm - Monstergod
ca. 8.30 pm - Destroid

While, on the "small" stage:

ca. 10 pm - C.H. District
ca. 11 pm - Architect

Once the concert is finished, you can expect an afterparty, hosted by:

Frontman - Electroperversion (Krakow)
sub_h - egoist (Lodz)
Ozm696 - SSquad (Krakow)
tyka666 - SSquad (Krakow)
and most probably the rest of the SSquad.

Both the live performances and the afterparty are going to be enriched visually.

Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
Source: slave stage / 2006-05-03 / Events

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