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Art of Empathy - Posthuman Decadence

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The second album of Art Of Empathy is like an invitation for the listener to the world full of gentleness and not only. Composing music contained in Posthuman Decadence album Janssen used romantic sound of acoustic guitar, vocal and anxious whisper. First track from this album is an excellent introduction to all this what is quintessence of all writings of the band. The Design is a smash of whisper, choir, clear rhythm and sound of guitar. All this composition is like an invitation to the world built of illusion and magic... Later on it only gets more and more gloomy. Apart from these two elements being nice for the listener’s ears, the composition includes piano sounds and children's voice. We can hear it for example in Good Morning Sick World, If This Is a Man or The Source. In each of these tracks there is amazing, oniric and horror-like atmosphere created.
During listening of this album I was under impression that some of compositions strike up to earlier tracks of other artists. At first, my favourite If This Is a Man. In this composition Janssen offers his fans a trip to the world of sounds as if from an amusement park. Piano music and rhythm in the beginning parts of this track are similar to La Valse D'Amelie, one of the compositions from Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack written to Amelie from Montmartre. Contrast between sounds and human voice is a little bit creepy, but fascinating. In addition, the end of this work invokes memory of parts of the first version of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Moreover, in my opinion, on the second AOE’s CD there appears a reference to the wonderful album The Wall composed by Pink Floyd. The affinity can be found in tumult of town, or some small talks being audible. From these sounds the composer passes on to a fantastic rhythm, which stimulates the energy. All this is included in a track entitled The Source.
Posthuman Decadence is a noteworthy album, and I want to recommend it. This album is like escape from a typical day into a wonderful world full of fabulous darkness. The compositions are pleasing, there is a lot of sounds of acoustic guitars and whispers. This music lets us dream… I’m curious about the next albums of Art Of Empathy.


01. The Design
02. Good Morning Sick World
03. Don’t Mind
04. Recreation
05. If This Is A Man
06. Beautiful War
07. Still Dancing
08. Virile Earth
09. The Source
10. The Paradox Of Essence
11. Dying Cosily
12. Posthuman Decadence
Translator: LittleCuteWitch
Add date: 2011-10-26 / Music reviews

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