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Ascii. Disko

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Ascii. Disko
Daniel Holc

Ascii. Disko
Ascii Disko

Hiszpania / Spain

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro, Electroclash, electronic


Band members:

Daniel Holc


Before becoming a dj and music producer, he played in rock-bands and toured around Eu-rope. Perhaps it’s this background, what makes him engage with the live audience of clubs and rave; or maybe it’s because his purpose in life isn’t just spinning sounds behind the decks for his own autistic pleasure, but to whisk/whip people’s brains into a dance frenzy. And he does it by stretching the definition of dance music, with his mixture of Electronica, Electro, House, Techno and even Indie Rock… any rhythm, in short, that has the potential of setting the dancefloor on fire.

Don’t expect him to stick religiously to a predictable diet of only one genre of dance music: that’s the opposite of what makes Ascii.Disko’s sessions so exciting. If he likes a track, he’ll make you dance to it. With this eclectic approach to dancing in clubs, he regularly whips clubbers to a frenzy at Clubs, Raves, Music Festivals, and even at Art Museums all around the globe. He chooses styles of electronic music but in a tight mix. Always different and surprising, always good...