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ASP - Zutiefst


ASP descend into the most unfathomable depths of the human soul. On "Zutiefst" Alexander ‘Asp' Spreng concentrates quite clearly on that which the fans love and which makes this band so special: Ten spooky musical short stories that contain that finely distilled skill, and which constitute what is probably the shortest ever literary work. Each song knows how to captivate with its very own fantastic plot, and as ASP sets to work, he does so full of gusto.
Available from 27 October 2017 by Resurrection Records.


01 Sturz (Intro)
02 20.000 Meilen
03 zutiefst…
04 SonaARta
05 Torpedos
06 Leviathan
07 Die Untiefen
08 Abyssus 1
09 BernsteinmeerengeL
10 Mondscheinsirenade
11 Sog

CD2: ‘Logbucheintrag':
01 20.000 Meilen
02 zutiefst…
03 SonaARta
04 Torpedos
05 Leviathan
06 Die Untiefen
07 Abyssus 1
08 BernsteinmeerengeL
09 Mondscheinsirenade
10 Epi-Log: Sog
11 Parole: Poesie!
12 I am a Rock
13 Souvenir, Souvenir (Intimus-Version, live)
14 Reflexionen (reflected by Spielbann)
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Resurrection Records / 2017-10-21 / News

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