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Atari Teenage Riot

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When, after a ten-year break, a cult band Atari Teenage Riot announced its reactivation, adding the icing on the cake by announcing the upcoming European tour, every self-respecting fan of this band must have got overwhelmed by an extraordinary feeling of excitement. Additionally, when the rumour about their prospective concert in Poland was spread, which afterwards turned out to have been true, that extraordinary feeling of excitement turned into a histerically manic, unrestrained joy, in some rare cases even combined with excessive drooling, echolalia and spasms.

The concert, which I had the pleasure of attending, took place on 11th September in Rotunda club in Cracow. Along with a couple of friends, I arrived at the place some mintues after 7 pm passed, with a standard intention of taking up the first row, just by the railings (at the time I was not aware of the fact there was nothing which would separate the audiance from the band). The gents from security (I did not notice any ladies, so excited was I with the whole situation) started to let people in rather punctually, showing incidentally, at least that is how it was in my case, their knowledge of the basic principles of savoir vivre. After having left my things in the cloakroom and having purchased some beverages, I went to the concert hall.
Within the confines of support, Horrid and Tendrill, a DJ duo from Warsaw, mostly known from Vicous Night parites, arrived at Rotunda to warm up the audiance with their set and to prepare the fans to a proper musical feast. The tracks which they prepared on that occasion, perfectly matched the ATR's musical style. Additonally, everything was originally complemented by some psychedlic visuals. Yet the truth is that in the beginning the audiance was not eager to sway, let alone dance to the rythym of overly electronic sounds. Fortunately, a few bolder individuals (me amogst them, of course) commenced to dance or fool around to the music almost at once. After a dynamic encore and a joint chanting of the name of the band, the time came for Atari Teenage Riot at long last...

When the introduction began, the audiance, impatient and anxious to the limit, started to push and shove in its extatic state of mind, which I had an unpleasant honor to feel. Chaotically flickering lightinings was even heightening the suspense. Finally, when MC CX Kidtronik appeared onstage, being followed by amazing Nic Endo and Alec Empire, and the first sounds of "Activate" came out of the speakers, the crowd went into raptures. The energy, whcih the band was emaneting was highly contegious: the fans were getting crazier with every sond the group played. The lack of 'railings' was conducive to increasingly bolder acts of interaction with the musicians:more restrained people resorted to the shake of hands, on the other hand those who were hungry for directer contacts could find themselves onstage for less than a second. I was pleasantly surprised by the attidute of secuirty guards, who generally did not involve themselves in the things which were going on onstage, however, it is my firm belief that they should not have thrown those more extreme fans off stage in such a violent manner.
The musical extasy was constantly on the increase and was growing more intense with every track: from "Into the Death", through uncomrpomising "Destroy 200 Years of Culture", revolutionary "Get Up While You Can" to allegedly calmer, yet still extraordinairly dynamic thanks to Nic Endo's captivating stage abilities "US Fade Out". Then, after a brief pause to catch breath a prepare yourself for more, the band, being histerically demanded back onstage, once again appeared to treat the audiance to another portion of destructive sounds. As an encore, they performed "Speed" - a commonly known, highly stimulating track, finally finishing their show with "Start the Riot", depriving the fans of whatever restrains they stll possesed at the time.

I surely know that a confession that the concert literally crushed my brain (certianly in the postiive sense of the word) will be no novelty. The sounds system seems to have been pretty decent, at least as far as I am concerned. That feeling of a complete integration with the band, amazing dynamism, never-ending supplies of enery, adrenalin, rebel, riot and screams – these are the factors which rendered this concert one of the most important shows of my life.

Set of VN team:
Resident Evil Main Title Theme (V)d(N)b Mix
Bong-Ra - Suicide Speed Machine Girl
Hellfish - RDS Engaged
EC80R - Discriminate The Next Fashionsucker
Turbonegro - All My Friends Are Dead (Digital Harcore Remix)
Drumcorps - Grist
Shizuo - Sweat (Digital Hardcore Remix)
Hellfish - Hardcore Will Never Die
Think About Mutation - Motorrazor (Digital Hardcore Remix By Alec Empire)
Hellfish – Revolution (Hardcore Mix)
This Morn Omina - One Eyed Man (Mix)
Atari Teenage Riot - Digital Hardcore (2010 Remix By The Builder)

Alec Empire – Control Drug (Remix)
Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy
Alec Empire – Addicted To You (Raw Mix)
The Mad Capsule Markets – Crash Pow (Digital Hardcore Remix By Alec Empire)

Setlist of ATR:
1. Activate
2. Into the Death
3. No Remorse
4. Atari Teenage Riot
5. Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
6. Sick to Death
7. Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!)
8. Fuck All!
9. No Success
10. Midijunkies
11. Get Up While You Can
12. Too Dead for Me
13. US Fade Out

14. Speed
15. Not Your Business
16. Ghostchase
17. Revolution Action
18. Start the Riot
19. Finale/Noise Jam

Translator: murd
Add date: 2010-10-14 / Live reports

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