AlterNation Music Magazine 2018-07-16T08:23:04Z Dobermann Blutengel - History-The Vinyl Collection-Vol. 2,id,5589,aktualnosci.html 2018-07-09T08:35:10Z <img src="/images/news/201806100906261698238_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> "History – The Vinyl Collection – Vol. 2" unites the next batch of Blutengel-classics in a strictly limited vinyl-box-set in a classy glossy cardboard slipcase.<br /> <br /> The new set picks up where "Vol. 1" left off and contains the albums "Schwarzes Eis", "Soultaker", "Tränenherz", "Monument" and "Black Symphonies", all as 180g color double vinyl sets in gatefold sleeves. Each of the included album was carefully remastered by the artist himself to ensure the best possible sound on vinyl and has never before been released on this most noble of all formats.<br /> All five double-LPs will be exclusive to this box set which will be limited to 499 copies, world-wide and will include a hand-numbered ownership certificate. Like the first part of the series, "History – The Vinyl Collection – Vol. 2" is a real gem and belongs in every serious Blutengel-collection. And after experiencing these classics in the warm and saturated glory that is vinyl, you will feel like listening to them for the first time in your life. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Desert Mountain Tribe - Om Parvat Mystery,id,5594,aktualnosci.html 2018-07-04T08:21:46Z <img src="/images/news/201806101006392787346_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Establishing itself in the current psych-rock scene with the release of the debut 'Either That Or the Moon', the London based trio Desert Mountain Tribe has returned with 'Om Parvat Mystery'.<br /> <br /> The new album is a captivating psychedelic rock work of art. 'Om Parvat Mystery' showcases Desert Mountain Tribe's progression in music and style, with a more refined touch and a natural development to a more experimental sound. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Hanzel Und Gretyl - Satanik Germanik,id,5593,aktualnosci.html 2018-07-02T08:15:53Z <img src="/images/news/201806101006354742747_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Hanzel Und Gretyl has been an ever evolving band. The last album, "Black Forest Metal" marked a new era, employing black metal and satanic themes crossed with motifs from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.<br /> <br /> Another dark step forward in the bands evolution, "Satanik Germanik" is Hanzel und Gretyl's darkest, most metal release to date. More evil, menacing and fun than ever, while still 100% Hanzel Und Gretyl. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Fear Of Domination - Metanoia,id,5592,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-29T08:00:18Z <img src="/images/news/201806101006512658774_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> On the new album, "Metanoia", Finnish Metal-band Fear Of Domination is raising hell with a maelstrom of grinding riffs, pounding grooves and massive electronica, fluidly bridging the gap between addictive catchiness and relentless aggression.<br /> <br /> There must be something about Finland that is the reason for the immense creative potential coming from that sparsely populated country in the North – we don’t know whether it is the air, the beer or the long periods of darkness, but fact is that some of the most visionary bands in past years have come from the land of the midnight sun and myriads of lakes. Defying easy genre categorization, Fear Of Domination fuse elements from a variety of different styles, bringing together elements as diverse as Melodeath, Industrial and EDM to create an altogether unique vision of a hyper-energetic, modern Metal-sound. The band sports a dynamic front duo, with the new female singer Sara Strömmer delivering an extraordinary range from vicious screams to powerful clean singing, nicely complementing founding vocalist Saku’s energetic shouting style and driving home this searing powerball of an album.<br /> <br /> Songs like "Face Of Pain" and "The Last Call" are already dominating streaming play lists around the globe prior to album release, hence everything is pointing to a bright future for the furious eight-piece. With "Metanoia", Fear Of Domination have recorded their strongest effort to date and they now are setting out to conquer the world. Also available as a deluxe double CD in a Digipak with the preceding album "Atlas" as bonus. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Melotron - Für Alle,id,5591,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-27T08:18:13Z <img src="/images/news/201806100906157185060_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Melotron return with their long-awaited new album and 11 new hits that showcase the group’s unique brand of modern, electronic Pop music: "Für alle" (= for everyone.)<br /> <br /> Melotron have always stood for slightly twisted but utterly likable electronic anthems that bring together catchiness, club compatibility and emotional depth, spiced up with clever observation skills and an inimitable energy.<br /> <br /> The German Synth Pop trio has been letting us wait for a new album for far too long… which gave them a lot of time to polish and perfect their new material and resulted in 11 songs that belong among the most concise, addictive and to the point tunes that Melotron have ever created. The band wraps a fundamentally cynical reflection on human existence into a thudding Future-Pop-stomper, gives macho-bully-types the proverbial finger on a bedding of melodic club-beats or opens with a warm welcome dressed in classy Synth-Pop-pomp.<br /> <br /> The sonic romp also incorporates New-Wave-reminiscences (fittingly sung in English) and in "Hätte, wenn und aber" (which would roughly translate to "had I, if and but") modern EDM-sounds are introduced into the Melotron-cosmos in a rather elegant fashion. The lads have skillfully expanded their sonic horizon while still retaining their unique feel. Is this an album "Für alle"? Let’s put it like this: aficionados of melodic electronic tunes will not want to take a pass on this one. And for the rest, we say: you are warmly invited to check it out! There’s a good chance you will become addicted to what you hear. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Nachtmahr - Widerstand,id,5588,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-25T08:07:51Z <img src="/images/news/201805270905229750925_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Nachtmahr's latest EP "Widerstand" is a far more than a massively produced, sublimely arranged club manifesto of the purest zeitgeist: His is the resistance to end all resistance, incarnated in the two brand-new songs "Firmament" and "Ungezähmtes Land". Nachtmahr‘s call to arms as of 2018 is a bit more melodic, a bit more dramatic, yet it doesn‘t lack common virtues like destructive beat dominance and wildly thrashing Industrial madness. Even more variety, however, can be found in the numerous remixes, reworks and edits present on this EP: An Apocalyptic Folk version of "Mütterchen Russland" produced by Thomas Rainer himself, "Ungezähmtes Land" with Russian vocals courtesy of Michail Evodkimov (Eisenwut) and "Firmament" with Maria Mar‘s (Omnimar) unique voice.<br /> <br /> Add to that other stomping remixes like by ES23, Greg Oroth, as well as, huge surprise, a rendering of "Ungezähmtes Land" by Martial Folk legends Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Their take produces a bombastic hymn to the end of all things.Ten tracks, ten different worlds – ten nightmares with overlength. This gripping intermezzo, it must be duly noted, is true to the rest of the strict Nachtmahr commandments as well.<br /> <br /> Thus, also a luxurious, voluptuous packaging with high gloss photography as well as yet another take on Nachtmahr‘s iconic uniform fetish are part of the deal. Everything different as expected, everything enthralling as expected from Austria‘s most famous partisans. Or, as Shakespeare would have said: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" – and make this march yet another triumphant procession. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Lederman & De Meyer - Eleven Grinding Songs,id,5579,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-23T08:05:46Z <img src="/images/news/201804290904462124422_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Lederman &amp; De Meyer is the amazing and unexpected artistic fusion of two prominent figures from the cult Belgian electronic music scene. Talented and humble musician and producer, Jean-Marc Lederman composed lots of music for movies and video games under various pseudonyms and collaborated with a plethora of artists including Alain Bashung.<br /> On the other side, author and performer Jean-Luc De Meyer, started his career with Underviewer before joining Front 242 from 1981 and collaborating on record or on stage with many other artists. His unique and so characteristic voice is unmatched and instantly gets recognised by any true self-respecting EBM-industrial-electronic music lover.<br /> <br /> On their "Eleven Grinding Songs" debut album, Lederman's keyboards are, as always, raspy, melodious and absolutely unpredictable, making it hard to imagine what direction each title will take. Songs starting with peaceful atmospheric intros grow into thick and excited cuts ("Atoms In Fury", "Heartbeat"…) while other straight binary dance tracks gradually morph into complex and rich tunes widening the stereo image spectrum to the maximum ("Back To Nature", "Tout Me Fait Rire"…).<br /> These quite eclectic and uncompromising song arrangements appear to be the perfect fertile ground allowing De Meyer’s dense and inhabited voice to unfold across different registers going from pure icebreakers to boiling volcanoes through melancholic whispers and other poetic grunts. The texts are dark and introspective, punctuated by sarcasm and self-mockery. And the care given to the lyrics definitely sets this project apart, miles away from the overused "first-degree" universe of standard alternative electro / EBM bands.<br /> <br /> Among the album highlights we can definitely mention "A Tribe of My Own", "Flowers and Birds and Bees" and "Not Really There", three dark, oppressive yet very danceable tracks all bound to become new anthems in the best darkwave clubs.<br /> "Eleven Grinding Songs" pushes human in front of his anxieties, his deviances, his obsessions, his beliefs, his hopes and his defeats. A poignant and fascinating mechanical deconstruction jointly orchestrated by two artists reaching the top of their art.<br /> "Eleven Grinding Songs" also comes out as a black vinyl edition strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide (including a carton sleeve CD edition with the same track-list). The album also comes out as a collector double-CD limited edition with an 11-track bonus disc with 4 exclusive additional songs plus 7 remixes or alternative versions.&nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine 2nd face - Nihilum,id,5587,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-21T08:00:03Z <img src="/images/news/201805270905033797700_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> With his 2017 debut "Nemesis", 2nd face was newcomer of the year amongst many dark industrial fans. Likewise, the media praised Vincent Uhlig's project for its compelling music, a hybrid of old and new school industrial with an excellent sound. The latter stems from the fact that the studio crack from Mainz, Germany, is a professional engineer, working with an arsenal of current synthesizers as well as models that are 40 years old.<br /> <br /> Now his new EP may be titled "Nihilum", meaning "nothing", yet don't be mistaken: The a-side, contained in two versions is a consummate burner, uniting harsh basses with acoustic samples and compelling vocals. Club drive meets intense drama, raising expectations for the forthcoming studio album.<br /> <br /> The other three tracks 'Long Live Humanity', 'Nuclear Winter Is Coming' and 'Blind Wanderer' seem controlled in comparison, but no less show how the artist has progressed: Uhlig proves to be stylistically more diverse than his first record made you believe. 2nd face's second strike will be even deadlier!<br /> <br /> Please note: The "Nihilum" EP is limited to 1000 copies only! AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Helalyn Flowers - Nyctophilia,id,5578,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-19T08:00:17Z <img src="/images/news/201804290904479183510_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Dear angels of the night, if like us you feel like belonging in the dark and feel so misunderstood by those people around you who find you sad, strange and even dangerous when they see you aimlessly wandering off late at night. We invite you embracing the Empyrean of darkness through Helalyn Flowers’ 5th studio album. The ultimate result of long creative night sessions in the band’s own studio in Roma - Italy.<br /> <br /> With "Nyctophilia", Maxx and Noemi share their addiction to the night and carry us in their very own surrealistic nocturnal world where you will rapidly feel comfortable, far away from the daily routine, opening your mind to a unique mosaic of colours and emotions, plunging you into a sonic time tunnel sucking the 80’s New Wave moody catchy melodies and reinjecting them into a 21st century cyber industrial futuristic landscape, the whole reflected by Helalyn Flowers’ unique sonic kaleidoscope.<br /> Strong from his constantly improving meticulous production skills that he could obviously solidify and refine throughout the previous albums recordings, Maxx intelligently revisited the aggressive hi-energy spontaneity of his early songs from the band’s 2007 debut "A Voluntary Coincidence" and fused it with the obsessive strength and vicious catchiness of the last "Sonic Foundation" opus.<br /> <br /> "Nyctophilia" kind of sums up Helalyn Flowers’ stunning and quite eclectic discography while bringing it up to the next level. Wild mechanical industrial beats and sinister addictive synths blow an icy blast on the unique lush and revolted female vocals of Noemi Aurora. Fire and ice unite for a tour de force of high-impact sonic impressions and in-depth exploding emotions.<br /> With "Nyctophilia", the alluring Italian duo offer us an escape from our basic down-to-Earth lifestyle towards the exciting darkside of the world where we acquire a deeper confidence with our own personal demons and turn them into sources of inspiration feeding our creative flow.<br /> Helalyn Flowers’ new album has absolutely all the ingredients to apply for becoming one of the best electro pop rock albums of the year 2018!<br /> The limited edition of the album holds a 12-track bonus disc featuring 3 amazing remixes by the band itself revealing the impressive ability of Maxx to mutate his own dark songs into forceful club anthems! Add to this a sonic orgy of remixes of the band’s last club hit single "Kamikaze Angel" rendered in the most varied styles ranging from hard dance to pop rock through lo-fi electro and other future electro. Last but not least, a very alluring duet on "Beyond" with the enigmatic Imjudas, Maxx’s very own and promising dark pop solo-project whose debut album is expected later this year...&nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Aiboforcen - Sense & Nonsense,id,5577,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-17T08:07:30Z <img src="/images/news/201804290804092427661_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> It’s 7 years after the last "Dédale" album, that Belgium’s cult dark electro act Aiboforcen now returns with their 6th full length album "Sense &amp; Nonsense".<br /> Still mostly centered today around the intriguing personality of mastermind Benoit Blanchart and the enigmatic female singer Patrice Synthea (Regenerator lead singer), Aiboforcen once again could not resist collaborating with an impressive and more than promising list of special guests on this album!<br /> <br /> Starting straight into it with what could be Aiboforcen’s best song ever, the poignant and electric "We Woke Up The Dragon" features the extraordinary vocal talent of Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) who lends his unique voice on not less than 3 songs on this album, including a surprising upbeat EBM cover version of Front 242’s "Loud" and the more atmospheric and darkish "The Arrival".<br /> All in all, Aiboforcen remain faithful to their characteristic mixture of low-tempo complex dark eletro arrangements with straighter modern up-beat synth- / body-pop songs. A melange which appears to be more than efficient when we consider that the band manages here to follow a meticulous artistic conceptual red line around contradiction, sense and nonsense while aligning such diverse songs as the oppressive "We Woke Up The Dragons", the future pop club hit "Come Clean" featuring Patrice Synthea at her best and especially on the moody dark trip hop "Tears".<br /> <br /> Aiboforcen confirm once more to be a band who do not care much about any current music trends and favour taking the time they need to deliver another high quality album of dark melodic electronic music…<br /> The limited edition of the album comes out with a 13-track bonus disc entitled "An End Unto Itself" revealing some 3 exclusive non-album tracks. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Juno Reactor - The Mutant Theatre,id,5582,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-15T08:41:41Z <img src="/images/news/201804290904471509362_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> From the back streets of London to Hollywood blockbusters of the Matrix, Juno Reactor's story is ever evolving. Ben Watkins aka Juno Reactor is constantly exploring new areas visually and musically, evidenced by the new album "The Mutant Theatre" (also the name of the new live extravaganza).<br /> "The Mutant Theatre" is a resounding achievement from one of trance's most innovative, pioneering artists. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Johan Baeckström - Utopia,id,5590,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-13T08:13:18Z <img src="/images/news/201806100906266152537_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Johan Baeckström, previously most well known as part of the electronic pop duo Daily Planet, made a highly acclaimed debut as a solo artist three years ago (2015), with the album "Like Before". Critics and fans praised the song material as well as the fact that Baeckström not only is a great synthesist and producer, but apparently also a vocalist to be reckoned with.<br /> <br /> Finally we are glad to announce "Utopia", Johan Baeckström's brand new second solo album. The title track from the album was released in April and gave a good hint about what to expect from the album – Baeckström's characteristic electronic sound, weaved around strong melodies in a perfect mix of fast, slow and mid-tempo songs. The perfect electronic pop album.<br /> Released as a limited edition CD, 500 copies worldwide, hand-numbered. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Jérôme Chassagnard - Sea,id,5586,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-11T08:19:08Z <img src="/images/news/201805270905126079857_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The sea, the vast interconnected system of earth's salty, oceanic waters, has been traveled and explored since prehistory - an essential aspect of human trade, travel, mineral extraction, and power generation. Its importance has affected human culture from the early sea gods to hyperrealist marine art, and inspiring music ranging from shanties to classical orchestral works.<br /> The sea has also been an important influence throughout electronic artist Jérôme Chassagnard's life. And being a passionate aquanaut, he devised these four lucid compositions devoted to these powerful, mystic, even sometimes terrifying waters.<br /> <br /> On this EP the oceanic sensations Jérôme experiences are musically transcribed, both as an inspiration and through the sound itself, as many of sonic ingredients were extracted from aquatic sources. Manifold tones from sequenced variations of drips to the mighty breaking of waves have been embedded in a mesmeric vortex of ambient depth and provocative idm precision.<br /> <br /> Deeply atmospheric and forceful at the same time, 'Sea' shows the most different facets of an element which will never forfeit its important and fascination. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Monolog - Indemnity and Oblivion,id,5585,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-08T08:12:53Z <img src="/images/news/201805270905433604880_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The man behind the project had to suffer the passing of people who were very close to him. The pain of guilt for not being able to save them, for the sincerity and incomprehension that led to early death and downfall - even simply for still being alive himself led to a personal crisis. But where there is guilt, there is the possibility of forgiveness, and forgiveness often comes through pain - this album can be seen as the soundtrack to a new and important lesson learned.<br /> <br /> 'Indemnity and Oblivion‘ is a continuation as well as a refinement of Monolog’s musical concept. While re-discovering the joy and skill of playing electric guitar he also rediscovered his entombed metal roots and married them to his profound electronic production experience with a new deep voice. Meeting metal singer and songwriter Mathias Lodmalm (Cemetary, Sundown) by chance was a great coincidence and led to a collaboration for one track of this album, exploring a new terra in music and expression.<br /> Another inspiring cooperation of importance for making seemingly unrealizable ideas possible was the one with Dean Rodell (Machinecode, Underhill) who inspired new practices on this album with a fascinatingly different approach.<br /> The third significant contribution was made on the tracks 'skeletons are watching me‘ and 'agenda‘, born in synergy with film director Raphael Dingé and dancers Thaïs Lebas and Deborah Darritchon. The collective creativity between these artists and Monolog marked a special crossover of art and resulted not only in these two tracks but also in an enthralling video clip - a perfect mindset about sinister tales and dark vibes.<br /> <br /> Metal, dub, drum and bass, breakcore are perfect types of music to use for regaining strength and force you to lift reality, therefore these styles can be examined under a certain therapeutical aspect, especially when this album’s backdrop is understood.<br /> 'Indemnity and Oblivion‘ is a gripping ride of mood and sound where brute force symbiotically join forces with fragile melodic beauty and linear dry beat punches take turns with wide reverberated spaces. A demanding, even sometimes exhausting musical conglomerate - rough and not pleasant but with the ability to trigger high bursts of energy that will grant you a new experience once you engaged with it.<br /> <br /> This album is fuel for hard times, when atheists repent and walk the desert without the comfort of gods, carried by will and the love of brothers and sisters knowing that musical invention and creativity is a must for reaching a new safe haven of thought. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Signalstoerung - S,id,5584,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-04T08:02:39Z <img src="/images/news/201805270905067676985_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Signalstoerung is not only one of the founding members of both the german artist collective Global Noise Movement and Adventurous Music, but also creates audiovisual events, dj-sets, podcasts, and since the mid 90's, his own music.<br /> With his debut release 'S' he has created a new and different form of electronic music, which is a result of long-standing preoccupation with the pureness of stretched sounds, low bpm rates and the aesthetic value of noise.<br /> <br /> This album should be viewed not only as a collection of tracks, but as a coherent opus divided into individual, tightly coiled segments. Although Signalstoerung's sonic work is clearly unique, references to Mick Harris, Mechthild von Leusch or the raster-noton label might be given.<br /> <br /> On 'S' he delivers a fascinating and mesmerizing combination of repetitive music with slow dub beats, melodic leanings and abstract minimalism. A great arena of sublime and disturbing sounds and treatments where each single tone keeps together the fragile construction and each element is precisely placed in intensity, void and volume.<br /> If the ability to dance had been given to circuits, the slowly eroding continual rhythms of 'S' combined with its sparse and menacing abstract sequences would be their favourite input. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Eisbrecher - Schock-Live,id,5583,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-02T08:07:39Z <img src="/images/news/201805270805304308118_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> In 2015, Neue Deutsche Härte act Eisbrecher stormed the German album charts with "Schock". The success of this and the subsequent tour culminated in a grand finale at the venerable circus Krone in Munich on June 6th 2015. A crushing live set of all of the band's hits, "Schock Live" shows Eisbrecher is not only one of the most innovative rock bands today, but also a live act not to be missed. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine PIG - Risen,id,5581,aktualnosci.html 2018-06-01T08:34:58Z <img src="/images/news/201804290904295313305_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Some Messiahs deliver their Gospel, hang out for a long weekend and then leave the rest to the followers. The Lord Of The Lard calls on Ben Christo, Z.Marr, En Esch, Tim Skold, Marc Heal, Phil Barry, Mark Thwaite, Anita Sylph &amp; Emre Ramazanoglu &amp; gets to work on bringing glam to the damned. "Risen" is the unadulterated and driven sound of pure PIG, adorned only by the poetry Raymond Watts provides. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Altergroup fashion show,id,640,alterimagination.html 2018-05-26T13:40:52Z <img src="/images/galleries/altergroup_2018_pyrkon/0791_D4B_1201.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Poznań, MTP, 19-05-2018<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Coil presents Black Light District - A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room,id,5580,aktualnosci.html 2018-05-24T08:15:51Z <img src="/images/news/201804290904091801611_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Much demanded re-issue one of the key albums in the Coil discography - "A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room" with unreleased bonus-track. Recorded in 1996 as "Black Light District" Project, the name was taken from a track by Boyd Rice. John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Drew McDowall, Danny Hyde were a part of this record and this current reissue, authorized by Danny Hyde comes in remastered quality by Martin Bowes (Attrition). This CD contains an unreleased(!) track from the "Black Light District" recording session and Danny Hyde's comments in the booklet. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine Pyrkon 2018,id,639,konwenty.html 2018-05-23T18:53:37Z <img src="/images/galleries/pyrkon_2018/DSC_1042.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Poznań, MTP,&nbsp; 18/20-05-2018<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2018 AlterNation Music Magazine