AlterNation Music Magazine 2020-02-22T01:04:28Z Dobermann Amduscia - Existe,id,5726,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-21T08:45:05Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902342847586_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Aggrotech from Mexico – that was a highly explosive cocktail since the day it was mixed, and Amduscia was standing front line since their debut "Melodies For The Devil". Existe is the next milestone they managed to add to their career. Welcome to a world where danceability and aggression are two sides of the same coin.<br /> <br /> The 20 years of history of Amduscia is a story worth a Hollywood script: The defiant battle for an audience on the worldwide dancefloors lead to a march of triumph through the realms of Hard Electro. Clouded by the tragic death by leukemia of mastermind Edgar Acevedo in 2010 his brother and singer Polo Amduscia decided to not give up but to take the legacy of his brother and carry it in deepest honor. "Existe" wears the mark of this idea: The mix of classic Aggrotech and Trance elements is absolutely characteristic and sounds as fresh and hypnotic as it did 20 years ago.<br /> <br /> If you want to step right into the cosmos of Amduscia, "Existe" has a special bonus for you: On two additional CDs Amduscia bring a Best-Of with all their hits. If you want to get a view into the impressive work of this unique band, you get the whole service here. But of course there is also a bonus for the Die-Hards: The "Perdición, Perversión, Demencia"-Demo is included on CD 3. And as if that wouldn‘t be enough, there will be the additional bonus track "No Control". AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Aeon Sable - Aenthology,id,5730,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-19T08:26:31Z <img src="/images/news/202002091002176205930_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> After ten years of creative musical destruction, the gothic rock masters from Germany celebrate this milestone with a special release. Aeon Sable’s Aenthology contains a selection of nine of the band's most well-known tracks plus a brand new and previously unreleased one.<br /> <br /> 'Aenthology' brings together over an hour of gloomy rapture, featuring their well-known mesmerizing rhythms, wide-ranging vocals and creative instrumental styles, all in the truest spirit of goth rock.<br /> <br /> This release represents the band's finest material which has been exclusively remastered and which captures the Zeitgeist of moment, all indelibly stamped with Aeon Sable's unique dark sound. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Then Comes Silence - Machine,id,5722,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-17T08:19:11Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902508766117_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Stockholm gothic rock/post punk act&nbsp;Then Comes Silence announces new studio album "Machine". Lead single 'We Lose The Night' is yet available for digital download/streaming and more singles to follow.<br /> <br /> Soon after the album release, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist&nbsp;Alex Svenson&nbsp;is also scheduled to embark on an extensive tour, including a number of festival shows, among them the&nbsp;M'era Luna&nbsp;in August 2020. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Blind Channel - Violent Pop,id,5725,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-14T08:40:40Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902343692687_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Blind Channel rides the wave of Violent Pop Core and will release their anticipated third album "Violent Pop".<br /> &nbsp;<br /> "Violent Pop" has been produced by Amorphis producer Jonas Olsson, and the man behind the biggest Volbeat hits, Danish Jacob Hansen has mixed a bunch of songs for the album, aiming to a hit album that will be released by Out Of Line Music.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> The band describes their new album as follows: "Now, if ever, we're getting to the heart of the matter. It's with great pleasure we promise you an intense Blind Channel album called 'Violent Pop' that tells the whole thing. We can’t wait for fans to hear these songs on record and gigs! "<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Over the past few years, Blind Channel has established themselves as one of the most promising international rock bands from Finland. They achieved its first nomination in the 'Rock of the Year' category at the Finnish "Grammys" in 2019 and has performed internationally with bands like Hollywood Undead, Disturbed, Simple Plan and All That Remains. Blind Channel is currently playing their longest European including dates with Amaranthe tour to date. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine The Silenced - Orator,id,5727,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-12T08:47:41Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902343010909_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The Silenced from Helsinki announces their first album "Orator" to be released early 2020. Mixed by Teemu Aalto (i.a. Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Amorphis) "Orator" is a monster with earth pounding riffs and beautifully dry melodies.<br /> <br /> The nightmares sent into our living rooms through the news day by day inspires the relentless music of The Silenced. An angry storm that rises from the elements of Groove Metal and Deathcore. Bands such as Sepultura/Soulfly, Machine Head, Heaven Shall Burn and All Shall Perish echo as the heavy foundation and combined with larger than life melodies of Insomnium, the Finnish roots of the band are as present as the brutal riffing. And due to this special mix, this unique kind of music, The Silenced is one of the most interesting newcomers from Finland. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Clan Of Xymox - She,id,5721,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-10T08:10:03Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902279571128_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Here comes the beautiful new single for 2020 from the legendary band Clan of Xymox. The new "She" MCD is featuring remixes from Ash Code, She Past Away, Antipole and Bragolin. Enjoy! AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Third side of the Moon - flights schedule of 2020,id,5720,aktualnosci.html 2019-12-29T01:22:13Z <img src="/images/news/201912290112363292743_2519.png" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Third Side of Teh Moon - flights schelude of 2020<br /> Polish Radio, Third Programe, FM and Broadcast<br /><br /> <br /> &nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Current 93,id,662,koncerty.html 2019-12-12T14:49:47Z <img src="/images/galleries/current93_2019/IMG_5896.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Wrocław, Gothic Hall, 07-12-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Nachtmahr - Flamme,id,5717,aktualnosci.html 2019-12-12T08:18:06Z <img src="/images/news/201911170911236590438_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Our world lies in ruins. There is scarcely anything left of our ideals, our hopes and dreams. The dancefloors have been evacuated, and our utopia is now a nightmare. Still, in a time of turmoil and of struggles, such an era of fear always is a time for new heroes. A time for rays of light to pierce even the darkest clouds.<br /> <br /> The latest Nachtmahr release, "Flamme" ("flame"), is just such a lightbringer; the realisation of a vision long held by Imperial Industrial commander, Thomas Rainer.<br /> Nachtmahr, as is rather unnecessary to mention at this point, is dominance turned into music. A symbol of superiority with beats instead of marching troops, with deeds instead of empty words. That's only one side of Nachtmahr, though.<br /> <br /> With "Flamme", Thomas Rainer proves beyond a doubt that he can be victorious in battle even without the merciless stomp of Imperial Industrial, and that it is not always the loudest and harshest sounds that can secure the throne. Carried by a subversive, revolutionary aura inherent to Rainer's work, he strips away the electronic armour some of his biggest triumphs, most epic anthems and whipping declarations of war, and enrobes them in garments woven of reactionary, monumental martial folk.<br /> <br /> "Flamme" proves that Nachtmahr is not only a world leader in all things Imperial Industrial, but also a project which is able to compose songs that will last for eternity, the sort of stirring anthems which have the power to bring about change. Long in planning, and even longer wished for, "Flamme" has been brought to life with an outpouring of heartfelt blood and passion that is a trademark in all of Rainer's releases.<br /> <br /> Flamme" is a monument of seditious neofolk, a vigil for a burning world… and a pure and intimate incarnation that rises above all other works. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Collection D’Arnell-Andréa - A Recrafted Winter,id,5718,aktualnosci.html 2019-12-04T08:27:29Z <img src="/images/news/201911170911379826608_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> "A Recrafted Winter" sees France’s pioneers of all sounds dark and melancholic create a wholly remastered, remixed and electrified sister record to this soulful piece of art.<br /> <br /> Collection d’Arnell-Andréa is a French neoclassical darkwave band founded by Jean-Christophe d’Arnell, Pascal Andréa and Chloé St Liphard in 1986. Their music features keyboards, cello and Chloé’s vocals. The band is known for including a large collection or ensemble of musicians in its live performances and has performed at numerous international music festivals. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Rome - The Dublin Sessions,id,5716,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-29T08:08:40Z <img src="/images/news/201911170911592900632_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> In May 2019, Jerome Reuter spent some quality time among friends in Dublin and ended up recording a selection of several new and gripping folk compositions. During these stout-fueled sessions, local talents were quickly recruited to join in the fun and to give the tracks the necessary Irish grit with traditional instruments such as banjo, bouzouki and uilleann pipes.<br /> <br /> The tracks this motley band cut in Dublin's legendary Sonic Studio are all completely new and unreleased songs that combine elements of the traditional world of Irish folk music and its up-beat feel, with Rome's rather sombre contemporary songwriting and sentiment.<br /> The almost danceable "Antenora" and "Holy Ennui" stand out as catchy sing-alongs, whereas songs like "Slash 'n' Burn" and "Vaterland" showcase Rome's unique brand of European proto-folk tradition.<br /> <br /> A special appearance on the haunting ballad "Evropa Irredenta" is delivered by Sweden's Superstar Thåström who has already collaborated with Reuter on the song "Stillwell" of the 2016 album "The Hyperion Machine". AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Need For Speed - Split Visions,id,5715,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-25T08:15:16Z <img src="/images/news/201911170811264408619_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The debut album "Split Visions" is produced by Johan T Karlsson, Joakim Lindberg, Martin Nilsson and Felix Mårtensson and it is an album that showcases a broader palette of feelings then what the singles indicated. There is room for slower pieces and contemplation, a longing for more than the feeling of coming home late in the morning feeling sour and hoping that someone is willing to receive all their unconditional love.<br /> <br /> Need For Speed is something else than RA. Where RA is violent and nihilistic, Need For Speed is elegant and cool. RA is linear, Need For Speed is groovy. RA is electric guitars Need For Speed is electronic, but both acts is running from the darkness just in different pace.<br /> <br /> Need For Speed is an inferno of will and intentions, suppressed feelings, two dogs and a speed lane. The perfect party is over and the sun comes up, things are complicated. It is synthpop and indie-electronic, it is pop music and slow-groove.<br /> <br /> A laconic struggle to fill the indifference of life with meaning, with anything, to any cost. That is Need For Speed to you. It is not boredom or sadness, it’s the nothingness of things that make up this duo.<br /> <br /> A fantastic debut album that will attract everyone that listens to Depeche Mode, Camouflage, Tears For Fears and similar. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Nightwish - Decades: Live In Buenos Aires,id,5714,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-22T08:13:45Z <img src="/images/news/201911030911144576512_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> "I didn’t just want to pick out the most successful Nightwish songs for this tour", Tuomas Holopainen explains. "Instead, I asked myself which songs I would play to somebody who had never heard of our band. At some point during the preparation process, I realized that I was smiling all the time. I remembered the curious, innocent boy writing all of these songs."<br /> <br /> And while this could have been captured anywhere this symphonic metal carnival pitched their magical tents, it was the Buenos Aires show in particular - a city of Nightwish maniacs in its own right - that was destined to become a fabled event. This show achieved nothing less than taking an important snapshot of the band during yet another pinnacle of their career, celebrated by one of the world’s most enthusiastic crowds in a city like no other. It was pure magic.<br /> <br /> Let’s put it like this, if you’re already familiar Nightwish, you know why this concert film is essential; and if you’ve happened to stumble across them for the very first time, you will surely be asking yourself just how the heck this could have happened, after seeing it. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine On The Floor - Breaking Away,id,5713,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-19T08:01:52Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811251518772_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> In depth, timeless and right on the mark On The Floor reappears with the new album "Breaking Away". After "Made Of Scars" in 2017 and the beloved and by critics and scene acclaimed "Lifetime" with its entry into the German Alternative Charts (2018), singer Helge Jungmann and band surpass themselves in the third year of their musical reincarnation.<br /> <br /> Darkwave und Post-Punk conjoin in 11 intensive songs to a highly addictive album. Modern electronics meet darkest rock. Hypnotic guitar melodies lead through human fragility ("Breaking Away") and to huge anthems ("Chain").<br /> Helge Jungmann is dissecting human and emotional abyss dominently and expressive - accompanied by some familiar faces from the darkscene.<br /> Tom Lücke (Girls Under Glass/Calling Dead Red Roses) perpetuates his guest vocals first time on a released track after 25 years and leaves his mark on "Walking Through Walls" with his distinctive and powerful voice.<br /> Johan Sjöblom (The Exploding Boy/SJÖBLOM) ennobles the great "The Way It Hurts" with his memorable and weightless voice to an apocalyptic duet.<br /> Singer Helge Jungmann, guitarists André Lindner und Henning Thurow and bassist Dennis Lindner are deep-rooted in the German underground-scene since decades. Gigs with Catastrophe Ballet, Girls Under Glass, Clan of Xymox, Phillip Boa &amp; the Voodooclub, She Past Away or at the Wave Gotik Treffen brought a base of devoted fans.<br /> <br /> The result reflects the experience of the band. With playful easiness "Breaking Away" hits the spirit of the times and is tempting with magnificent melodies to a musical journey through catharsis and revolt, love and transitioriness. Pain will never sound better. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Wrocław Industrial Festival 2019,id,661,festiwale.html 2019-11-17T12:16:38Z <img src="/images/galleries/wif_2019/341_DSC_7853.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Wrocław, Gothic Hall, 07/10-11-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Fractal Age - Modern World,id,5712,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-15T08:06:14Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811554942666_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The members of the electro project Fractal Age are Ex-reAdjust Markus (Programming &amp; Keys), Jens of Chainreactor (Programming) and Sascha (Vocals). Located in the Rhineland area their started a journey through a universy of gloomy electronic sounds. Their spectrum of music covers dark melancholic symphonies as well as hard-knocking clubsounds.<br /> <br /> At first probably a familiar sounding mixture of a usual dark scene project they will still deliver a whole new world of sound.<br /> Fractal Age will let you dream or dance. The choice is yours. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Intent:Outtake - Days of Doom,id,5711,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-12T08:07:48Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811114224184_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Here comes the fourth studio album "Days of Doom" by the Leipzig based electro band Intent:Outtake. "Days of Doom" contains 11 catchy electro tunes that prove how much this band has advanced. Powerful dancefloor rhythms meet vivid and insistent mid-tempo songs- an unparalleled experience.<br /> <br /> On board this powerful vehicle is - among others- Gerrit Thomas, known from his bands FUNKER VOGT and EISFABRIK, and responsible for the fine tuning and mastering of the sound.<br /> <br /> "Days of Doom" also contains several versions of the single "Auf Ewigkeit" recorded with guest vocals by Chris L. (Agonoize + Funker Vogt).<br /> <br /> "We kill the silence" is the battle cry of the band and in this case Nomen est omen.<br /> "Days of Doom" will certainly take the club scene by storm!<br /> "Days of Doom" comes as a limited first release with a 7 Track Bonus CD containing remixes by SITD and Cephalgy.<br /> <br /> Intent:Outtake will also tour through 13 German cities with Eisfabrik this autumn. Start of the tour is November 22, 2019 in Hannover. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine The Curse! Halloween Party,id,660,imprezy.html 2019-11-11T13:52:50Z <img src="/images/galleries/the_curse_2019/DSC_8618.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Poznań, Klątwa, 02-11-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision,id,5709,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-08T08:10:06Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811363478842_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Die Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler is a visionary who has had a lasting influence on the music landscape for decades. In the late 1970s, he was among the first German punk rockers with his band Male In the eighties, he formed Die Krupps, a driving force of the industrial and EBM movements.<br /> <br /> When this scene was taken over by the mainstream in the nineties, the group from Düsseldorf integrated tough thrash guitars into their sound and became, along with Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, the most important source of inspiration in the electro metal genre and also influenced numerous bands of the Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness), inspiring a genre that produced acts such bands as Oomph!, Eisbrecher, and Rammstein.<br /> <br /> Die Krupps is now a name synonymous with the electro-industrial-metal &amp; Neue Deutsche Härte genres. Since its formation in the early 80s, Die Krupps has constantly evolved, using synthesizers, metallic percussion, heavy guitars to create it's own brand of metal-machine-music. On Vision 2020 Vision, Die Krupps shows once again why it is an everlasting, driving force in the industrial and EBM movements. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Empirion - ADSR,id,5710,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-04T08:20:42Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811504594246_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Empirion carefully load the second round into the chamber of their electronic muzzle-loader. The second Single from their album "Resume" is called "ADSR", an abbreviation for "Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release". These are the four components that determine the rise and fall of a musical impulse from pressing the key to Silence:<br /> <br /> <strong>Attack</strong> is the time required for the initial rise in level from zero to peak, starting with pressing the key.<br /> <strong>Decay</strong> is the time it takes to pass from the attack level to the intended sustain level.<br /> <strong>Sustain</strong> is the level during the main sequence of the duration of the sound until the button is released.<br /> <strong>Release</strong> is the time it takes for the level to drop from sustain level to zero when the button is released.<br /> These four parameters can be used to individually compose and modify sounds, especially in the field of electronic music. It is one of the essential creative playgrounds for anyone involved in electronic sound design.<br /> <br /> This design philosophy culminates with the second single A-side "ADSR", an EBM/Techno grenade of the first rank, for which Empirion have also brought some great remixers to the start: Cubanate, Leeroy Thornhill (SmashHifi, Ex-The Prodigy), Seething Akira are some of the remixers who tried their hand at "ADSR" on the single. Together with Xavier Morel, who delivered a great rework of the albums "Too Many Masters", two of their own mixes and an exclusive B-side called "I Just Like The Noise", Empirion are once again shooting an excellent package at their crowd. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine