AlterNation Music Magazine 2020-11-29T14:13:09Z Dobermann Lord Of The Lost - Fears (10th Anniversary Edition),id,5745,aktualnosci.html 2020-10-23T08:46:31Z <img src="/images/news/202010030910174538610_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> 10 years ago, an album came to release that started one of the most impressive and constant careers in Dark Metal - "Fears" by Lord Of The Lost. What started as an offhand idea of frontman and band founder Chris Harms developed to a full band with this debut and layed the headstone for a unique work of art. For the 10th anniversary this classic returns remastered and with additional tracks.<br /> <br /> Things started small for Lord Of The Lost. Chris remembers "a small flat at Berlin Friedrichshhain, cheap recording equipment, a guitar, a microphone and way to many ideas that I couldn‘t get rid of elsewhere." Obviously the bittersweet atmosphere of the album has its roots in the mood of the vocalist: "I had just fallen in love and spent my free days in Berlin. Since my new girlfriend was working, I was alone a lot of time in this foreign city. So I started to write an album for her that eventually became "Fears" later on." And even at that time, songs such as ‚Till Death Us Do Part‘, ‚Dry The Rain‘ or ‚To Die For‘ already spread this melancholic atmosphere combined with heavy guitar riffs and singalong hooks that catched up the character of this unusual band perfectly.<br /> "Fears 2020" will be released as Digipak CD including six bonus tracks, as creme white 2-LP and as Special edition including the 2-LP, CD and a exclusive tape edition in a cloth bag limited to 100 unites. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine She Past Away - Part Time Punks Session,id,5743,aktualnosci.html 2020-10-08T08:13:18Z <img src="/images/news/202010030910399169903_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> She Past Away presents "Part Time Punks Session", recorded in August 2019 as a part of the ongoing Part Time Punks studio sessions on KXLU 88.9FM in Los Angeles.<br /> The release celebrates the band's 10 year anniversary and showcases She Past Away's signature guitar sound of the post-punk era, combined with minimalist poetry in Turkish. She Past Away is driving, it is mesmerizing. It is a haunt. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Renard - Waking Up In A Different World,id,5744,aktualnosci.html 2020-10-05T08:32:49Z <img src="/images/news/202010030910165291697_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Markus Reinhardt, the founder of Echo Award-winning, Gold and Platinum-selling Wolfsheim presents his most personal, authentic work to date: 'Waking Up In A Different World' from his new project Renard.<br /> "The end of Wolfsheim motivated me to reinvent myself. A process that was urgently needed. With Renard, I'm more with myself. " Reinhardt says of Renard, "My album combines the sound and mood of the 80s with the stylistic devices of today."<br /> <br /> Renard showcases Reinhardt'€™s signature intimate songwriting in symbiosis with renowned producers Oliver Blair (Ladytron, Client, Soho-dolls, Kelli Ali / Sneaker Pimps) and the Hamburg Chaos Compressor Club (Neon black, Moddi, Marv, Steakknife, Love A, illegal colors).<br /> Vocal duties on the album are shared by a selection of well-known talented musicians.<br /> <br /> 'Waking Up In A Different World' is an apt title for Renard'€™s splendid debut album. The project is an ambitious musical rebirth of Reinhardt post-Wolfsheim.<br /> While Renard is deeply rooted in the independent music scene of the 80'€™s, 'Waking Up In A Different World' is a contemporary, modern take on synthpop. A multifaceted and emotionally dense work of art. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Assemblage 23 - Mourn,id,5737,aktualnosci.html 2020-09-07T08:18:59Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807047297673_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Assemblage 23 - the one man project created by Tom Shear, combines genre-expanding electronics with intensely personal subject matter.<br /> The phenomenal new album 'Mourn' is a standout in Assemblage 23's extensive catalog.<br /> Beyond the trappings of modern EBM and Industrial, 'Mourn' seamlessly blends danceable electronics with intimate soul searching lyrics. A breathtaking album from one of the genre's best.<br /> Deluxe 2CD Edition with Remixes and two bonus tracks. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Frett - The World as a Hologram,id,5742,aktualnosci.html 2020-09-04T12:44:57Z <img src="/images/news/202009041209217334493_1.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> FRETT is a new solo project by Maciej FRETT of Job Karma and 7JK, curator and director of Wrocław Industrial Festival, Wrocław Underwater, and Energy of the Sound, as well as organiser of concerts under the Industrial Art brand, active&nbsp;on the independent music scene in Wrocław, Poland since the mid-1990s. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Prague Gothic Treffen,id,663,festiwale.html 2020-09-02T16:06:04Z <img src="/images/galleries/prague_gothic_treffen_2020/Clan_Of_Xymox_fot_Woman_In_Corset_46.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Czech Republic, Prague, Futurum, 28/30-08-202<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Armageddon Dildos - Dystopia,id,5739,aktualnosci.html 2020-08-24T08:01:42Z <img src="/images/news/202007050907543902276_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Düsseldorf leading EBM act Armageddon Dildos launch a new tour de force with their 14th album! Armed with punishing beats, powerful melodic hooks, upbeat sequences and gritty dark synths, Uwe Kanka takes his megaphone and protests loudly and without restraint against our world’s dystopia in general, and socio-political issues in particular like intolerance, abuse, disinformation or yet selfishness.<br /> <br /> Surrounded by studio gurus and old time friends Mathias Black and Sven Mouhcine, the Armageddon Dildos frontman does not care much about music hypes and trends and prefer making his own thing merging his 80’s melodic influences with the 90’s power of industrial dark techno.<br /> <br /> From the very catchy 80’s tainted melodies of "Night People" to the more martial assaults of "Kaltes Herz" whose dense ambience and aggressive vocals remind good old Laibach or other Rammstein, Armageddon Dildos remind us again to be one of the most unpredictable bands of the Electronic Body Music scene! Eclectic at wish, while still being very focussed and conceived to blast the apocalyptic dancefloors of the dark world, "Dystopia" rips straight into it with the gritty and dirty basslines of "Burn Baby Burn" that instantly imprints its viral chorus on your mind. Percolating synths, groovy basslines, hammering beats, vocoder lines, manipulated vocal samples… so many characteristic ingredients we are so happy hearing rolling again in our tortured ears for an absolute demonstration of less-is-more melodic simplicity and edgy dynamic attitude. Mastermind Uwe Kanka of course signs here again a bunch of what fans will call "Armageddon Dildos-classics" like the recent single "Heut Nacht", "Dance On Dead Bodies", the technoid "High Up In The Sky" or yet the title-song "Dystopia", but as always, he also takes us by surprise with the slower guitary ballad "Stay" or yet the lovely electrising Kraftwerk'ian "Neon" featuring a touching duet with his daughter Malin on vocals…<br /> <br /> With over 30 years of electronic scene activities under his belt, Uwe Kanka and his gang confirm with "Dystopia" that the Armageddon Dildos spirit remained intact and is still driven by the same passion and energy as ever! So EBM-freaks, stand up, it’s time to shake your ass on dead bodies! Clubs will burn burn burn… baby burn!<br /> <br /> &nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Ad:Key - Resonanz,id,5740,aktualnosci.html 2020-08-17T08:13:10Z <img src="/images/news/202007050907425275144_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> On "Resonanz", their very aptly titled 6th full length studio album, Berlin-based duo Ad:Key resume their celebration of their Electronic Body Music roots merging blasting bass lines, hammering beats, catchy synth melodies and powerful combinations of male and female vocals using both German and English languages.<br /> <br /> Besides these very characteristic elements which all contributed, release after release, to the amazing ascension of Ad:Key’s trademark on the underground electro scene, the symbiotic duo of Andrea and Rene Nowotny take us one step further, revealing the production and songwriting maturity they have once again gained since the release of "Reanimator" in November 2017. They intelligently play with minimal analogue synth melodies to reinforce the melodic side of their work, fuse them with hi-energy sequences and top them off with meticulously arranged rhythm patterns which come and reinforce their murderous basslines, while the vocals also gain in both force and diversity, remaining straight and powerful, but being also backed by more spoken, sensual or whispered parts, or even vocoded words…<br /> this new album, the Ad:Key couple also dare to bring us on to the dangerous battlefield of "love" shamelessly disclosing their inner feelings made of love, pain and disappointments, while always keeping some "tongue in cheek" lyrics here and there to avoid becoming too serious…<br /> <br /> "Resonanz" reveals to us that Ad:Key at the top of their form, playing hard-hitting classic EBM songs at best evoking the pioneers of the genre in the likes of Nitzer Ebb or Die Krupps reaching peaks on "Der Letzte Tanz" or the addictive "Ich Will, Dass Du Jetzt Gehst" (is it Miss Kitten playing DAF?), but also more melodic body pop tunes à la And One meets Bigod 20 ("Herz Lass Los", "This Is Not The Time", "You Can’t Fuck Me"…) while being daring with some more experimental compositions with the slower vocoded "Schlachtfeld Der Liebe", the minimal and poingnant "Du Und Ich", the lingering atmospheric "I Stay" or yet the Depeche Mode'sque "Nur Der Mond".<br /> <br /> "Resonanz" is bound to be the German body-pop album of the year! Enjoy Ad:Key’s electronic body music with an additive melodic edge and dominating lush fronting female vox. To love and abuse without moderation.<br /> &nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine KMFDM - IN DUB,id,5736,aktualnosci.html 2020-08-10T08:13:21Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807479844608_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> KMFDM takes the Ultra Heavy Beat to the next level with 'IN DUB', reinterpreting some of the best known songs of the group's 35 year career into a blistering set of dubbed-out grooves and atmospheres.<br /> With a history of addressing political issues and encouraging social revolution, KMFDM reaches back to it's earliest roots in dub to present a fresh take on what it truly means to Rip the System! AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine God Module - The Unsound Remixes,id,5735,aktualnosci.html 2020-08-03T08:17:13Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807261681519_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The Unsound Remixes features 17 re-imagined versions of God Module's most recent album.&nbsp;<br /> Iris, E.S.A, System Syn, Funker Vogt, Velvet Acid Christ, Ghostfeeder, Rodney Anonymous (Dead Milkmen/7th Victim), and more put their unique touches to songs from The Unsound.<br /> God Module is a standout artist in the genre, and 'The Unsound Remixes' is an exceptional accompaniment to an extraordinary album. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Ost+Front - Dein Helfer In Der Not,id,5738,aktualnosci.html 2020-07-27T08:15:21Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807157589223_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Thundering guitars, marching beats and blazing lyrics – Ost+Front celebrate their own trademarks and impressively demonstrate their leading position in the Neue Deutsche Härte genre.<br /> <br /> "If you want Ost+Front, you‘ll get Ost+Front. Always on the highest level. Always at the limit!", singer Hermann Ostfront sets direction. The band delivers and shows full strength on "Dein Helfer in der Not". At the same time they send their fans a clear message in those weird times: "With this album we want to reach out to you, take your hand and help you getting back on your feet. We are Ost+Front – your helpers in times of need!" While other bands lose bite over time, Ost+Front show their teeth: "Dein Helfer in der Not" is pure adrenaline for the continuously growing fan base and a provocative piece of art, that for sure not everybody will enjoy. Between morbid tales and observance of society the songs play with the listeners expectations and are tough material while still being catchy: "We are the mirror of society. The abysses of humankind, social grievances, sexual limits - we dare to say that out loud. This album is a documental masterpiece of its finest.", Hermann comments. "Dein Helfer in der Not" will be released as regular album CD, 2-CD Digipak with additional tracks and remixes, limited 2-LP as well as limited box edition including the Digipak version, hip flask, emergency set, a face mask, a hand numbered ownership certificate signed by the band plus an additional bonus CD of exclusive songs. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Clan Of Xymox - Spider On The Wall,id,5734,aktualnosci.html 2020-07-09T08:20:18Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807419007213_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> For more than three decades, Clan Of Xymox has been revered for its signature blend of melancholic rock.<br /> Following the beautiful singles "She" &amp; "Lovers", 2020 sees the release of the new album "Spider On The Wall".<br /> The album is an artistic triumph for the band. Dark and intimate, while masterfully exploring signature dark electro-gothic sound that has made the act adored around the world. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Statiqbloom - Beneath The Whelm,id,5733,aktualnosci.html 2020-07-06T08:14:45Z <img src="/images/news/202007050807276084471_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Statiqbloom combine hard beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create pulsing raw Post-Industrial.<br /> The new album, 'Beneath The Whelm', sees a sharpened progression for Statiqbloom.<br /> It combines hallucinogenic synths, seething rhythms and grim atmospherics into a thunderous set of dark electro. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Ambient project Rødhåd launches free download album ‘Mood – WSNWGBTZ001’,id,5732,aktualnosci.html 2020-05-14T12:49:08Z <img src="/images/news/202005142205548575843_3501.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Out now and soon vinyl too on July 10th is the album "Mood – WSNWGBTZ001" by Rødhåd aka producer Mike Bierbach. 'WSNWGBTZ001’ stands for ‘WSNWG – Back to zero’ in case you wondered, WSNWG being the label this album was released on. It’s Bierbach’s first ambient experimentalist release, comprised of his own solo archival material mostly from 2017/2018. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine A sign of our time - Gothicat Festival#1 live stream,id,1547,artykuly.html 2020-04-05T22:40:32Z <img src="/images/reviews/202004052304449425757_2519.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Our world, the one we know so well, has undergone an amazing transformation. A terrifying transformation. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has wrecked the world of concerts and club events. Howeve(...) AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds,id,5724,aktualnosci.html 2020-03-16T09:34:50Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902099262457_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> 'The night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us.'<br /> <br /> 'Diamonds', the new album by The Birthday Massacre, contains&nbsp; an exploration of darkness as well as light, poison as well as its antidote. Within the songwriting, one can sense the passing of time, and the conflicts and resolutions that we can all feel. Nights end, and days resolve. If we look inside, we can find these precious emotions and conflicts.<br /> <br /> Every single one of them is valuable. Like the diamonds in the dark. And thus, we have "Diamonds" by the Birthday Massacre. The distinctive soaring synths and&nbsp; guitars, paired with our Chibi's beautiful familiar and reassuring&nbsp; voice, guides us all into the darkness as well as out to the light - guides us to mourn and to look inside, but also take our hand and invite us to dance, and remember - the night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Pouppee Fabrikk - Armén,id,5729,aktualnosci.html 2020-03-09T08:16:52Z <img src="/images/news/202002091002336020640_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> With a minimalist powerful electronic style that was often compared to pioneers like DAF and Nitzer Ebb, Pouppee Fabrikk are the leaders of the EKM movement (Elektronisk Kroppsmusik) - physical music that makes you want to get up and move. Since 1987, Sweden's Pouppee Fabrikk has never been about perfection or being nice. They stand for 100% primitive electronic with attitude. No compromise, no polish!<br /> <br /> With their previous album ("The Dirt") the band intentionally decided to look backward, doing an attempt at recreating the past and bringing back the ways of old, using early abandoned demo’s as unique creation source. In 2020, Pouppee Fabrikk now release their first brand new studio album since the 90’s. After having looked back at their uncompromising aggressive past, the Swedish gang today strongly reconfirms with "Armén" their solid early-Electronic Body Music sonic roots! This new straight in your face 10-tracker retains all Pouppee Fabrikk’s trademark attributes: Henrik Björkk’s commanding growling vocals, devastating repetitive bass lines and solid hard beats. They serve us straight-in-your-face stomping hard electronics to the ultimate pleasure of their fanbase. But this new album takes us to the next level, adding a gritty, dirty and violent touch to it all, making Pouppee Fabrikk sound even more radical, loud and noisy than ever, carrying us at that point of balance where the sound of grinding machines and the suffering of sweating bodies unite before imploding and exploding.<br /> <br /> "Armén" is an angry and impulsive assault against all forms of control and oppression, urging us to take command on our lives, to fight for freedom of expression, breaking the codes, becoming a league of our own and shouting out loud once for all that "enough is enough".<br /> <br /> For the very first time as well, Pouppee Fabrikk also deliver a very expressive song in their own Swedish mother tongue, "Kom Ta Min Smärta" ("come take my pain") which is sure to become a floor-filler in the clubs that dare to go hard…<br /> <br /> 2020 is definitely bound to become a year of "grand cru" for Electronic Body Music. Run for shelter.<br /> <br /> The "Armén" album also comes out on black vinyl format as a limited edition of 300 units worldwide.<br /> <br /> The Pouppee Fabrikk army of fans will also enjoy the deluxe carton box edition of the album including unique bonus outfit goodies: a 3 cm black metal pin with embossed white logo, an embroidered 10 cm black circle patch with band logo and 3 reversed crowns in silver and some bonus design material. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Neuroactive - Minor Side​-​Effects​-​effects,id,5728,aktualnosci.html 2020-03-02T10:13:18Z <img src="/images/news/202002091002232976139_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> 2020 could not start any better than with the stunning comeback of Finland’s best electro export to date: Neuroactive in its original line-up! It’s back in 1991 that Vesa Raine, Ville Brusi and Jarkko Tuohimaa created the now cult synth pop / EBM band Neuroactive. Almost 30 years later, headmaster Jarkko Tuohimaa had the brilliant idea to rewind time and reunite the 3 good old friends and the studio magic instantly ignited! And it’s no surprise that songs like "In Rust We Trust" or yet "All Forces Integrate" evoke the band’s early days and make echoes to Neuroactive’s major club hit "Space Divider".<br /> <br /> "Minor Side-Effects" indeed reveals a much harder edge through punching electro sequences and kicking beats compared to Neuroactive’s most recent softer dance pop releases through the US-based A Different Drum label. This said, we can still see this new 7th full length studio album as a logical and natural evolution in the band’s impressive music repertoire and its characteristic fusion of catchy vocals, modern melodic synth arrangements and carrying electronic beats. "Modern Synth-Pop", "Future-Pop", "Techno-Pop", whatever you call it, Neuroactiveconfirm here more than ever their veteran supremacy in the genre thanks to intricate songwriting skills and a meticulous production work that can make many artists in the genre quite envious.<br /> <br /> Neuroactivealternate here dynamic and catchy synth pop songs and darker upbeat EBM/future pop tunes which at turn evoke old school bands. The new album’s club hits are called "Dances", "Night Flights" and "Dagger". We will also notice the very interesting collaboration with Halo Effect’s singer John Peverieri performing guest vocals on 2 songs and adding a lush moody dimension to this beautiful album.<br /> <br /> "Minor Side-Effects" is no doubt Neuroactive’s album of maturity offering us some promising perspectives on the electro synth pop scene for the many years to come. To consume without moderation: addictive side-effects guaranteed!&nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine La Scaltra - Cabaret,id,5731,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-25T08:34:54Z <img src="/images/news/202002091002216169313_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> La Scaltra presents a journey into the dark Gloomy Witch world. As a door to another dimension opens, the dark sounds of the quartet on the album "Cabaret" liberate the world of ghosts.<br /> <br /> Sometimes hesitating, sometimes eloquently, La Scaltra's songs draw both bizarre scenarios in the sense of The Munsters or The Addams Family (The Garden) and liberating and lively images of a flight like with Peter Pan (Neverland). If the pain persists (Gunshot Lullabies), redemption comes (Ghosts, Nightmares). 'Cabaret' is the first album by La Scaltra, which was previously only available as a demo, now as a new and reworked edition including the bonus track "Downfall". AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine Rotersand - How Do You Feel Today,id,5723,aktualnosci.html 2020-02-23T08:28:22Z <img src="/images/news/202002090902467267128_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Germany's Rotersand is known for exciting, intelligent electro. Over a number of breathtaking records, Rotersand combine emotion and electronics. Always questioning, always doubting, always resisting.<br /> <br /> The new album "œHow Do You Feel Today" is both a critical observation of our civilization and a profoundly biting piece of social criticism. Huge, sublime music. Electronic anthems for humanity. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2020 AlterNation Music Magazine