AlterNation Music Magazine 2019-11-18T20:21:40Z Dobermann Wrocław Industrial Festival 2019,id,661,festiwale.html 2019-11-17T12:16:38Z <img src="/images/galleries/wif_2019/341_DSC_7853.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Wrocław, Gothic Hall, 07/10-11-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Fractal Age - Modern World,id,5712,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-15T08:06:14Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811554942666_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The members of the electro project Fractal Age are Ex-reAdjust Markus (Programming &amp; Keys), Jens of Chainreactor (Programming) and Sascha (Vocals). Located in the Rhineland area their started a journey through a universy of gloomy electronic sounds. Their spectrum of music covers dark melancholic symphonies as well as hard-knocking clubsounds.<br /> <br /> At first probably a familiar sounding mixture of a usual dark scene project they will still deliver a whole new world of sound.<br /> Fractal Age will let you dream or dance. The choice is yours. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Intent:Outtake - Days of Doom,id,5711,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-12T08:07:48Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811114224184_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Here comes the fourth studio album "Days of Doom" by the Leipzig based electro band Intent:Outtake. "Days of Doom" contains 11 catchy electro tunes that prove how much this band has advanced. Powerful dancefloor rhythms meet vivid and insistent mid-tempo songs- an unparalleled experience.<br /> <br /> On board this powerful vehicle is - among others- Gerrit Thomas, known from his bands FUNKER VOGT and EISFABRIK, and responsible for the fine tuning and mastering of the sound.<br /> <br /> "Days of Doom" also contains several versions of the single "Auf Ewigkeit" recorded with guest vocals by Chris L. (Agonoize + Funker Vogt).<br /> <br /> "We kill the silence" is the battle cry of the band and in this case Nomen est omen.<br /> "Days of Doom" will certainly take the club scene by storm!<br /> "Days of Doom" comes as a limited first release with a 7 Track Bonus CD containing remixes by SITD and Cephalgy.<br /> <br /> Intent:Outtake will also tour through 13 German cities with Eisfabrik this autumn. Start of the tour is November 22, 2019 in Hannover. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine The Curse! Halloween Party,id,660,imprezy.html 2019-11-11T13:52:50Z <img src="/images/galleries/the_curse_2019/DSC_8618.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Poland, Poznań, Klątwa, 02-11-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Die Krupps - Vision 2020 Vision,id,5709,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-08T08:10:06Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811363478842_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Die Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler is a visionary who has had a lasting influence on the music landscape for decades. In the late 1970s, he was among the first German punk rockers with his band Male In the eighties, he formed Die Krupps, a driving force of the industrial and EBM movements.<br /> <br /> When this scene was taken over by the mainstream in the nineties, the group from Düsseldorf integrated tough thrash guitars into their sound and became, along with Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, the most important source of inspiration in the electro metal genre and also influenced numerous bands of the Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness), inspiring a genre that produced acts such bands as Oomph!, Eisbrecher, and Rammstein.<br /> <br /> Die Krupps is now a name synonymous with the electro-industrial-metal &amp; Neue Deutsche Härte genres. Since its formation in the early 80s, Die Krupps has constantly evolved, using synthesizers, metallic percussion, heavy guitars to create it's own brand of metal-machine-music. On Vision 2020 Vision, Die Krupps shows once again why it is an everlasting, driving force in the industrial and EBM movements. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Empirion - ADSR,id,5710,aktualnosci.html 2019-11-04T08:20:42Z <img src="/images/news/201911030811504594246_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Empirion carefully load the second round into the chamber of their electronic muzzle-loader. The second Single from their album "Resume" is called "ADSR", an abbreviation for "Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release". These are the four components that determine the rise and fall of a musical impulse from pressing the key to Silence:<br /> <br /> <strong>Attack</strong> is the time required for the initial rise in level from zero to peak, starting with pressing the key.<br /> <strong>Decay</strong> is the time it takes to pass from the attack level to the intended sustain level.<br /> <strong>Sustain</strong> is the level during the main sequence of the duration of the sound until the button is released.<br /> <strong>Release</strong> is the time it takes for the level to drop from sustain level to zero when the button is released.<br /> These four parameters can be used to individually compose and modify sounds, especially in the field of electronic music. It is one of the essential creative playgrounds for anyone involved in electronic sound design.<br /> <br /> This design philosophy culminates with the second single A-side "ADSR", an EBM/Techno grenade of the first rank, for which Empirion have also brought some great remixers to the start: Cubanate, Leeroy Thornhill (SmashHifi, Ex-The Prodigy), Seething Akira are some of the remixers who tried their hand at "ADSR" on the single. Together with Xavier Morel, who delivered a great rework of the albums "Too Many Masters", two of their own mixes and an exclusive B-side called "I Just Like The Noise", Empirion are once again shooting an excellent package at their crowd. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Coma Alliance,id,659,koncerty.html 2019-10-29T14:34:48Z <img src="/images/galleries/coma_alliance_2019/IMG_3866.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Germany, Leipzig, UT Connewitz, 19-10-201<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine First Aid 4 Souls - Keep This World Empty,id,5703,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-25T08:05:52Z <img src="/images/news/201909010909046795988_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Veteran Hungarian artist István Gazdag has been active in the avant-garde electronic / industrial scene since the late 80’s with numerous and quite diversified releases on various labels under his belt and some amazing remix work for legendary bands like Coil, Soft Cell, Test. Dept., Cabaret Voltaire and Einstürzende Neubauten. In the last few years, he joined hands with US-based singer Mortum who brought a darker dimension through his harsher vocals and darker lyrics to their now common project First Aid 4 Souls.<br /> <br /> Their new album "Keep This World Empty" is their most striking and achieved production to date. First of all, the entire album conception is based on the Russian contemporary novel "Ice" written by Vladimir Sorokin. Song after song, we follow the book’s awakening process, the emotional evolution shifting the mental levels of the human mind eventually influencing sensory perceptions and physical conditions. The album reflects the unavoidable collapse of our faulty human society that gets caught by an icy blast abruptly plunging the Earth into a frozen and rigid state where arts and values fade into oblivion, where the human snake ends up biting its own tail…<br /> <br /> FA4S stands out as unique in their genre by always building strong conceptual musical art with no compromise and in constant relation with intellectual sources of influence. They design unpredictable and highly addictive electronic art for hearts &amp; brains… They enjoy taking their audience by surprise, challenging ears and minds by mixing dense atmospheres and vicious dark melodies with powerful vocals, harder upbeat moments with a brutal edge and a hypnotic coldness. And it's no surprise that they are compared to such diverse bands as Skinny Puppy, Laibach, Clock Dva, Front Line Assembly, X-Marks The Pedwalk, Project Pitchfork!<br /> <br /> Open your senses and let the ever-evolving project of First Aid 4 Souls feed you with icy old school Electronic Body Music with occult science behind. Uplifting!&nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Coma Alliance,id,1546,artykuly.html 2019-10-24T21:25:56Z <img src="/images/reviews/201910291310507963333_54.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> The magic of concerts in small clubs... I like festivals, but they are much less personal than the events organized in cozy, atmospheric places, especially if the stars of the evening play without any(...) AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine In The Nursery - The Seashell & the Clergyman,id,5708,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-22T08:08:12Z <img src="/images/news/201909150909564918481_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> In The Nursery announce the release of a new soundtrack album - 'The Seashell &amp; the Clergyman' - the 9th in their Optical Music series. Widely recognised as the first surrealist film, 'The Seashell and the Clergyman' is a complex, controversial and multi-layered film directed by Germaine Dulac, from an original scenario by Antonin Artaud. Back in days it was banned, stated as "If there is a meaning, it is doubtless objectionable".<br /> <br /> Listed as one of the great Feminist Films, the movie is described as "a visually imaginative critique of patriarchy – state and church – and of male sexuality."<br /> <br /> In The Nursery’s new score sonically reinterprets the inherent symbolism of the film, utilising sound design and experimental recording approaches. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine ELM - Extreme Unspoken Tension,id,5702,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-18T08:24:57Z <img src="/images/news/201909010809362740714_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> With his new 13-track "Extreme Unspoken Tension" album, Swedish veteran and one-man assault squad Peter Elm sets the bar of top notch old-school EBM with attitude one level higher and signs here a true classic Electronic Body Music album to be classified just between Nitzer Ebb’s "That Total Age" and DAF’s "Alles Ist Gut"!<br /> <br /> 3… 2… 1… GO! The new ELM is here! Go grab it before it grabs you!<br /> <br /> The opening "Redemption" directly sets the mood and plunges you in a tense, weird and menacing atmosphere à la "Clockwork Orange" lead by Laibach-ish martial beats and narrative vocals. Paranoia then sets in a bit deeper in your flashing mind with "Apocalypse 20160703", an even slower and almost decadent trip hop electro cut, that sucks you up like a hidden merciless dark worm. And that’s exactly at that very uncomfortable moment of doubt that ELM grabs you by the throat and shakes your ass with the stomping straightforward EBM hit "Death Of The North"!<br /> <br /> Our favourite unstoppable EBM-hit machine is back: harder, darker and stronger! And the fireworks simply continue with the powerful "Cut You Down", the very Nitzer Ebb-ish "Deathbed Love" and its heavy baseline or yet the relentless explosion of rage of the turbo cut "Mindgame".<br /> <br /> And it’s when you are reaching that poignant breathtaking climax that leaves us wondering what could still come next, that this roller coaster album throws you, half-suffocating, in an unexpected vertiginous fall from "Altitude 100", an intimate and viciously addictive melodic synth pop song. But the dancefloor assaults rapidly take over with the raw "Distracted", the hypnotic aggressive new club hit "Thoughtcrime" or the amazing "Switching Addictions" that is bound to become a true classic electro tune with its refreshing tone.<br /> <br /> "Extreme Unspoken Tension" then makes another unpredictable u-turn and trashes you the straight and unpolished old-school EBM "War Machine" scud in the face, followed by the extremely powerful "Violent Heart" and the closing uncompromising anthemic "Smother Box" that eventually punches you knockout once for all.<br /> <br /> And once you regained consciousness from that sonic blackout, your brain obsessively orders you: Repeat – Repeat - Repeat… And you just play it again… and again… and the roller coaster brings you up and down on that ever-looping ultimate journey into Electronic Body Music realms.<br /> <br /> Consume without moderation and at maximum volume. Brace for impact!<br /> &nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Inkubus Sukkubus - Lilith Rising,id,5707,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-15T08:01:08Z <img src="/images/news/201909150909541821513_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Once more and again&nbsp;Inkubus&nbsp;Sukkubus&nbsp;release an album, and once more and again it is the kiss of the dark divine. ‘Lilith Rising' is the 25 th album by the band, and 2019 marks 30&nbsp;years since their formation, way back in the summer of 1989.<br /> <br /> The new album delivers the promise of the dark supernatural world of&nbsp;Inkubus&nbsp;Sukkubus. From gentler moments of acoustic Horror Folk to the Electric Hellfire of the title track,&nbsp;Inkubus&nbsp;Sukkubus&nbsp;shine relentlessly. The album is a dark voyage through love, lust, cruelty, fear, revenge, agony, joy, cruelty and ecstasy, taking the listener to a shadowy world of exquisite gothic beauty, unbridled sensuality and gloomy melancholia.<br /> <br /> ‘Lilith Rising' is again proof that&nbsp;Inkubus&nbsp;Sukkubus, after three decades, are still burning brightly. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Psy’Aviah - Soul Searching,id,5701,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-11T08:20:27Z <img src="/images/news/201909010809431307585_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> One of Belgium’s finest electronica trademarks over the last decade, Antwerp-based <strong>Psy’Aviah</strong> aka Yves Schelpe returns with "Soul Searching", by far his best album concept ever for a unique experience in sound, story-telling and emotions…<br /> <br /> Through some 12 brand new songs, Psy’Aviah transports us to the most remote unexplored places of his dreamscapes.<br /> A virtual otherworld where we can enter a state of mind allowing us to question our nostalgic or depressive thoughts, our insomniac behavior, our self-centered existence, humanity as a whole… Some kind of meditative trance triggered by pulsating electronic sequences, wrapped by highly melodic synth melodies, augmented by a wide palette of ethnic instruments facilitating the exotic traveling experience and topped by bewitching blissful male and female vocals reinforcing the hypnotic sensation.<br /> <br /> Personal stories told with passion and interpreted by highly skilled singers in the likes of Mari Kattman, Kyoko Baertsoen, Lis van den Akker, Ellia Bisker, Addie Nicole, Saydi Driggers, Alicia May, Roeland van der Velde, Marieke Lightband, Mark Bebb as well as psychiatrist Prof Dr. Dirk De Wachter speaking on the intro track "Becoming Human". Poignant lyrics we can easily relate to and which evoke intimate moments of the listener or awake personal demons.<br /> <br /> As always, Psy’Aviah knows no boundaries and crafts music ranging from atmospheric floating ethereal songs to harder pumping industrial/EBM tracks through sensual trip hop, nostalgic synthwave and other catchy dance pop tunes. It’s electronic music without limits for your ultimate pleasure!<br /> <br /> May this reflective soul-searching experience help you find your way in this tormented world!<br /> <br /> Faithful supporters of the band will enjoy the limited edition of "Soul Searching" and its 16-track bonus CD presenting carefully selected upbeat dancefloor oriented versions of album songs that will guide us to tomorrow land and further thanks to successful collaborations.<br /> &nbsp; AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Agonoize - Midget Vampire Porn,id,5698,aktualnosci.html 2019-10-04T08:08:20Z <img src="/images/news/201907231007118631080_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Almost Five years after their last full-length "Apokalypse", Agonoize return with 13 tracks [plus 5 cool bonus-tracks] of glorious harsh dance floor-fillers!<br /> <br /> Catchy bass lines plus the unique voice of lead singer Chris L. are pushing the finger into the weaknesses and the abysses of society - just like a stake straight through the heart. Club hits like "Blutgruppe Jesus (-)", "Schmerzpervers 2.0", "Antiheld" or "Homme Fatale" alternate perfectly with more atmospheric tracks such as like "Teufelskind" or "True Blood" and mid tempo songs like "A Vampire Tale" or "Kiss Me, Kill Me", that convince with their almost hymn-like mood.<br /> Also the album was mastered by Gerrit Thomas (Funker Vogt) and the first edition comes as Double-CD in deluxe Digipak!" We are Agonoize and we are still alive..." #haterswelcome AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Mechanical Cabaret - Disarmingly Charming,id,5706,aktualnosci.html 2019-09-23T08:15:54Z <img src="/images/news/201909150809423878780_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> 'Disarmingly Charming' contains music, sounds, songs and words written, materialised and otherwise channelled by Roi Robertson, who's been releasing electro/ techno/ industrial influenced music under the name Mechanical Cabaret since 1999.<br /> After 2016's decidedly darker, more experimental ‘Ortonesque' album released on Chicago based WTII Records, this new album is classic Mechanical Cabaret, in something of a return to the more bouncy and kinetic post-industrial techno-pop style of their earlier releases, with plenty of insightful, sardonic lyrics delivered in Roi's inimitable deadpan voice, with an ever present hint of black humour.With the release of ‘ Disarmingly Charming ', they've now released 8 albums, as well as many singles/EPs to date.<br /> <br /> Autumn 2019 sees the band take to the road around the UK to promote their new album, with the fantastic Sheep On Drugs on a very special double headline techno-industrial-rave-punk tour from these two long-standing purveyors of onstage disarray and mischief. The album was played, performed, programmed, sampled &amp; recorded by Roi at The Parlour in Highgate, London, and also by keyboard player Stephen James Bellamy at Twyford Road studio in Harrow, between the years 2017 and 2019. It was engineered, mixed, and produced by both Roi and Stephen. Mastered for vinyl by Martin Bowes at The Cage. The artwork, layout and graphic design was created by long-time Mechanical Cabaret visual collaborator, the artist Adam Cavill. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Hexadiode - Metaxy,id,5705,aktualnosci.html 2019-09-18T08:09:05Z <img src="/images/news/201909150809511329445_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Formed in 2014 and hailing from the bleak, industrial, abandoned factory city of Dayton Ohio in the Midwest of The USA, Hexadiode delivers a creative burst of energy amongst the drab landscape from which they were born. A hardware only Electro-Industrial dance act that dabbles in Art Damage experimental tendencies, Hexadiode are committed to producing an old school EBM dynamic with a forward thinking, 21st century approach.<br /> <br /> Members Tim Krug and Jonas Miseh create tracks that are melodically infectious and rich in hooks, while still staying true to the artistic and experimental edges that keep the genre of dark electronica moving forward. Hexadiode is influenced by acts such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and NIN, as well as enigmatic, cross genre electronic acts such as Liars, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine KMFDM - Paradise,id,5704,aktualnosci.html 2019-09-16T08:13:53Z <img src="/images/news/201909010909568146141_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> With 2019 marking 35 years of conceptual continuity, KMFDM is showing no signs of slowing down or mellowing out – on the contrary, the Ultra Heavy Beat is as fired up and as energized as ever with the release of the band’s 21st album, 'Paradise'!<br /> <br /> Long revered for their innovative blend of virtually all forms of music into a monolithic juggernaut of industrial/rock, topped off with scathing and confrontational lyrics that challenge the social and political zeitgeist, KMFDM is at the top of their game as this latest album hosts some of the band’s most diverse material. From the abrasive hip-hop stylings of "K-M-F," to the dark alt. rock ambience of "Oh My Goth," the dub-meets-electro/metal assault of 'Paradise' and "No God," and the mechanized industrial/dance energy of "Automaton," "Disturb the Peace," and "Megalo" (a new rendition of the band’s classic "Megalomaniac") – KMFDM leaves no stone unturned as the album calls for revolution against a world overrun by fascism, authoritarianism, and violence.<br /> <br /> Helmed by founder and frontman Sascha "Käpt'n K" Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli, delivering their searing and brutal vocal performances like liquid daggers, and backed by the percussive fury of Andy Selway, KMFDM is joined by Black Sugar Transmission’s Andee Blacksugar lending his angular guitars to give the seething bite of 'Paradise' just that extra shot of venom. Of course, what would a KMFDM album be without a few guest performances? For 'Paradise' hosts some of the most impressive in the band’s history. Doug Wimbish (Tackhead, Living Colour) returns for another round to lend his electrified funk bass skills to "Piggy." Longtime alumni Cheryl Wilson brings her soul mama vocals to the disco-infused "WDYWB," while rapper Andrew "Ocelot" Lindsley delivering an all-out verbal assault on "K-M-F." But if that weren’t enough, fans will undoubtedly be overjoyed as "Binge Boil &amp; Blow" finds the Lord of Lard himself, Raymond "PIG" Watts returning to the KMFDM fold for the first time in 16 years!<br /> <br /> Fascism is in fashion again, and the planet is a paradise for assholes… and KMFDM will have none of it! KMFDM’s message is as relevant as ever, and 'Paradise' may be the band’s most powerful outing yet, demanding that you live with no regret, don’t look back, find your destiny, destroy what destroys you, and rip the system! AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Let's Play,id,5700,aktualnosci.html 2019-09-09T08:32:28Z <img src="/images/news/201908180808558717876_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Seven years ago, Tomas Petterson started to write the masterpiece of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Now it is finally finished: An album that crushes the borders of Neofolk with overwhelming musical sense and deep, poetic words.<br /> "Let‘s Play" is more than the next album of this exceptional band, it is the rise for the stars and a sound-built manifest of art.<br /> <br /> The long composing time reflects the supernal standard of composer Tomas: "I see "Let’s Play" as the final version of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. It‘s my cruel mistress. It’s my white whale. And finally, 7 years after its genesis, with numerous interferences and surprises in between, it is ultimately finished." And where "Songs 4 Hate &amp; Devotion" and "Vision:Libertine" stopped is where "Let‘s Play" actually starts: Between darkness and a sinister taste, between sex and death, the songs are more playful and free yet more serious and focussed than ever. The band calls their music Apocalyptic Pop, and World Downfall never tasted so sweet.<br /> <br /> "Let‘s Play" comes as single digipak CD and as a strictly limited deluxe boxset in 404 copies made of noble wood including Double-LP in purple and silver with the "4Play" EP as bonus, the digipak CD version and finally a very special electric toy alongside a pair of wicked seamed stocking for general excitement." AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine Agonoize - Blutgruppe Jesus/Schmerzpervers 2.0,id,5697,aktualnosci.html 2019-09-06T08:02:01Z <img src="/images/news/201907231007022567341_1408.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> After almost five years, without any release, the Godfathers and founders of "Hellektro", <strong>Agonoize</strong> finally return with a brand new EP full of harsh and dark tunes combined with hard words that proclaim a clear attitude.<br /> <br /> Too long it has been quiet about Agonoize, even if they never disappeared completely, because live on stage they have never been gone. With a new record label, that strengthens their back, the band around mastermind Chris L. has grown to new strength and power to return with a big bang.With their new EP "Blutgruppe Jesus (-) / Schmerzpervers 2.0" they deliver two smashing dance floor bombs, in extended versions, that will make the scene tremble again. These two tracks, taken from the upcoming album, once again show that Agonoize has not lost their instinct for strong club hits nor they started to shut their mouth in any way!<br /> The EP also contains one exclusive track, only available on this release, and two killer-remixes by Funker Vogt and Centhron.With Gerrit Thomas (Funker Vogt) responsible for the mastering you can be sure, this release is mandatory for all clubs around the world and this limited EP in beautiful Digifile is a must have for all the Agonoizers around the world! AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine XIV Prague Gothic Treffen,id,658,festiwale.html 2019-09-02T13:46:05Z <img src="/images/galleries/prague_gothic_treffen_2019/IMG_1572.jpg" alt="" align="left" width="40px" height="40" hspace="10"> Czech Republic, Prague,&nbsp;Prostor Země, 23/24-08-2019<br><br><br> AlterNation Music Magazine &copy; 2005 - 2019 AlterNation Music Magazine