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Aural Vampire for Halloween

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From 10th October on the new single of Aural Vampire entitled "Soloween" is available
One of the most original dark wave bands coming from Japan has just released their new material kept in a Halloween style. The video of the title track is available to watch here.

Aural Vampire is a band who joins dark sounds of darkwave and techno as well as lyrics referring to thrillers. The members of the band are: blood drinking vocalist Exo-Chica and Raveman – DJ, whose characteristic image is based on horrors. They have already released two albums – "Vampire Ecstasy" (2004) and "Zoltank" (2010) as well as some EPs and singles.


01. Soloween
02. Halloween N'Jillva
03. Back to Halloween
04. Soloween (Instrumental)
05. Halloween N'Jillva (Instrumental)
06. Back To Halloween (Instrumental)
Author: RobertSaligia
Translator: morrigan
Source: / 2012-10-13 / News

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