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Ayria - The Gun Song

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Released in March 2008 – “The Gun Song” (EP), contains 2 new tracks and 8 remixes. Unfortunately, listening to the whole CD can be a bit boring. Only after Respect The Music event, did the title track - “The Gun Song” - attract my attention. What you can hear are only: a bit “venomous” vocals and a little stronger beats. As for “Six Seconds”, it is really a very catchy song. This track is filled with energy and power, not very typical of Ayria (Okay… I admit, “It’s been fun”, has some nice elements too - strong beat and nice vocals). This album may resemble later recordings of Pzycho Bitch, Zombie Girl and even Neikka RPM. This EP is rather “standard” and it contributes nothing to Ayria’s discography. The two new songs are pretty good, but still without them, Ayria would not “loose its value”. I think, that remix tracks of Essence of Mind, Standeg or those of David Caretta, would probably be good for parties. Looking back over Ayria’s previous recordings, I suppose that we can also expect an additional CD with remixes of all the tracks from this album.

In any case, I shall be glad to listen to the new album by Ayria, which will be soon released! I hope, that it will be full of powerful beats. I recommend this EP to those who have a passion for EBM, industrial and synthpop music.


01. The Gun Song
02. Six Seconds
03. The Gun Song (Killing Me Softly Mix By Daniel B. - Front 242)
04. The Gun Song (Angelspit Mix)
05. Six Seconds (Spetsnaz Mix)
06. The Gun Song (Essence Of Mind Mix)
07. The Gun Song (Leather Strip Mix)
08. Six Seconds (David Caretta Mix)
09. The Gun Song (Headscan Mix)
10. Six Seconds (Standeg Mix)
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