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Baltic Electro Waves Transmission #3

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On 29 April, on Saturday afternoon a squad of fans from Poznan (Western Poland) went by train to Baltic Electro Wave Transmission festival in Szczecin. First we’ve visited Media Markt store where we could met healiner of this years festival – a brithish band MESH. We’ve to wait a little bit longer than it was expected but we could see lots of cool CDs in store, meet some friends waiting for the band. They have appeared a few minutes after 7pm and people who gathered there could take some autographs, get posters and etc. There was also a possibility to meet LOWE there. After meeting we went to the Grand Cru club and waited for concerts. During this our friend Sthilmann had an opportunity to pass his CD with „A room with a view” remix to the Mark from MESH. First on stage we could mostely see but not hear – Mechanical Cabaret – a supporting band for MESH. Right after them swedish LOWE started a concert and they were accepted very well by polish fans, especially by girls. They played most of their album Tenant and three covers including Enjoy The Silence DM. LOWE surprised me a lot because i didn’t like them too much listening to CD, i thought they were bornig but the concert was superb. Fans demanded even a bis – and they got it. Very good concert indeed. A few minutes later MESH – headliner – entered the stage, we could see that they will use live drums, to keyboards and a guitar. There was a big crowd of fans at the front of stage already, but when the band started to play the went mad. Almost everyone knew the lyrics and MESH positively surprised by that as we could see. They played a lot of songs from current album We Collide and also older songs. It was hot, people were dancig, singing, everybody were pleased by this performance. Concert finished after 1:00 am, than we enjoyed short afterparty with electro and synthpop music. We’ve all spent great time at BEWT festival – and we hope to meet there again!


Setlist LOWE
Move Me
The Vanishing
Face To Face
Only You
Hear Me Out
Down The Waterline
Never Felt So Low
True Faith
Ahead Of Our Time

My Song
Enjoy The Silence

Setlist MESH
What are you scared of
Not prepared
Is nothing sacred
Step by Step
Leave you nothing
No place like home
People like me
I don't expect to be right
This is what you wanted
It scares me
Little missile
Friends like these
Can you mend hearts
My hands are tied

BIS 1:
Let them crush us

BIS 2:
Open up the ground
From this height

Translator: Attack
Add date: 2006-05-04 / Live reports

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