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Black Flames Festival #2

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What a surprise! Such an amount of energy literally crushed me! Five bands which did their best. Five possibilities to satisfy the most particular ones, the target hit five times. Each band presented the highest level within their music genre. Going to the festival, everyone knew they wouldn't be disappointed. However I hadn't expected such a power! Every infinitesimal part of my body trembled and I felt extreme pleasure! And I must say that there aren't many bands which are able to move me this way and drag me to the scene. I'd have to be deaf not to dance to such a selection of music ! And here goes a huge plea... we're having fun but not at all costs! We do not knockout each other! Especially men do not hit women! I was shocked to see that the ladies who were by the scene wished they hadn't come there... I'm sure the guy knows I'm talking about him... Ladies are not to beaten up...
Anyway... let's talk about the bright side of our party by the scene. Amduscia. Yes!Yes!Yes! I don't blame those who had their moment of forgetfulness during their concert. I can say that everything made an impression : gentlemen's image, the vocalist's outfit and original hairstyle, his lens with a light inside on his eye ( I want one too!!!), aaa ... and my lipstick he'd borrowed before the concert to do his makeup. I like looking at something you can't see everyday and Amduscia's image is of that kind in 100%.
The star of the evening, Combichrist, and their latest album “Everybody hates You” will definitely be the hit of the forthcoming months. They started to the point not playing around. We were all smashed on the dancefloor with the hit “This shit will fuck you Up!”. Who haven't seen Andy on the stage, haven't seen the transplanet power incarnated. I'm just kidding of course... after all he's not an alien. But he really behaved like a non-human. Most of us , dancing like freaks on the floor , was close to death, buy he somehow managed to avoid it... Mystery. That might be thanks to some ladies deeply charmed by him :> I can't help saying that ladies were attracted to him - I won't give names here, but the involved must be aware that he's not free. I join You in Your grief , ladies.
The festival was really great! Perfect as far as organization, power and short breaks between concerts are concerned. The second edition of Black Flames Festival was one of the best events I've ever been to. As to our Polish bands ... no, no I haven't forgotten about “Agonised by Love. The Horrorist's cover was a nice surprise which made me leave the ladies room and run towards the stage very fast! Boys... keep that going! Congratulations!
Translator: Nathashah
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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