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Bloody Dead And Sexy - Bad Ambient

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Although I usually follow the development of the German music scene pretty closely (you can’t focus only on Kraftwerk and Rammstein), I’ve never before come across Bloody Dead And Sexy… Surprised by the name, too? And they say that curiosity killed the cat find out for yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen "Bad Ambient". At first glance (or rather when heard for the first time) the music played by this German band resembles The Cure- especially in the piece "One By One" and "Never Street", a bit tinted with horror rock. However, this isn’t simple copying (as it was done by Polish bands in the golden days at the festival in Jarocin), Bloody Dead And Sexy add much more darkness and a feeling of loneliness to their music than the English do. In "House Of The Common People", on the other hand, or a somewhat ghastly "Home Is Where My Heart May Rest" you can find influence of the dark side of David Bowie. When you look at some of the texts ("You catch the golden butterfly, if it’s not already dead" in "Gloom Within"), you can easily notice their ‘gothic’ roots. This impression is enhanced by Gitane Demone’s deep voice in "Plastic Night Sky", who added some subtlety and daydreaming to the gloomy atmosphere of the whole. Demone’s voice contrasts in an interesting way with a totally dispassionate voice of Rosy Iahna, which of course, has its charm and creates a kind of musical dialogue. The letter of the two supported Bloody Dead And Sexy in a cover of The Doors "End Of The Night". I think this piece was an excellent choice, even in the original performed by the Doors it is chilly and melancholic. However, the band doesn’t want to limit themselves to gloomy and dark music. A good example of that is "Torn Velvet Blues" with some good electronic sound and somewhat ‘bar-like’ "Wasting Time In Berlin". Although it’s a pity that those more carefree pieces are at the end of the "Bad Ambient" instead of separating the two similarly optimistic "Something Real" and "Bring Out Your Dead". Talking about "Something Real"… this is probably the most heart racking track on the CD, and the miserable voice of the singer is a perfect match for a deep sounding guitar… "Bad Ambient" isn’t an album easy to listen to and only those who’re looking for something more challenging than sawing away on guitars and oversweet vocals will find here something of interest. There are gothic rock or even depressive metal bands who could envy Bloody Dead And Sexy this melancholy and depressive mood. Still, it’d be great if there were more optimistic tracks in the next album of this German band after all, how long can you be sad!?


01. One By One
02. Never Street
03. Baby Moon
04. Gloom Within
05. Plastic Night Sky (featuring Gitane Demone)
06. Without
07. Torn Velvet Blues
08. Home Is Where My Heart May Rest
09. Something Real
10. Bring Out Your Dead
11. End Of The Night (the Doors Cover Version Featuring Gitane Demone)
12. Wasting Time In Berlin (featuring Kenton Holmes)
13. House Of Common People (bonus Track)
Translator: Heretica
Add date: 2013-10-02 / Music reviews

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