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Bratrstvo Luny - La Loba Ante Portas


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Bratrstvo Luny, with its steady team of special guests consisting of prominent Czech musicians along with some additional Norwegian artists, comes up with their new album "La L0ba Ante Portas". The act of christening will coincide with the release date of the album – May 5, 2011 and will be held at Futurum Music Bar in Prague; Jaroslav Monte Kvasnica, the writer and traveler, will be the godfather of the event.
The gothic rock troubadours are coming in with much heavier sounds when compared to the ones known from their previous release "Goethit", but there is nothing the fans should be concerned about – the material has not lost anything from its melodic tones and icy poeticism. The producer and at the same time the band’s drummer, Tomas Kobdzev Kaspar, explains: "The gothic rock style of the new album goes beyond all borders of what we know as characteristic elements of this trend; personally, as a musician, I perceive a tremendous progress and many positive changes. We believe that this album has the chance to arouse the interest of not only the fans of gothic music but other listeners as well". R.X. Thamo adds: "This album is dedicated to all those people and wolves, whose hearts stopped beating - due to intentional or unintentional malice of others - before they could reach the fullness of their lives. The album we have recorded is definitely a bloodcurdling one…".

The album will be released as a deluxe 2CD DigiBook edition. The connoisseurs of music will surely enjoy the 32 pages long booklet once again created by Jaromir "Deather" Bezruce.

The band will perform July 24, 2011 on Bolków’s castle during the Polish dark independent festival Castle Party.


CD1 La Loba Ante Portas
02.Misionář smrti
0 3.Když lekníny tiše se zhoupnou...
04.Jáma a kyvadlo
05.Bílé Karpaty
06.La Loba Ante Portas
07.Srdce, které prošlo popelem
08.Továrny na smrt Auschwitz-Birkenau
09.Quo vadis, Domine?

CD2 bonus single Signum Diabolicum
01. Signum Diabolicum
02. Fantasmagorie (re-recorded version)

Four new tracks from the upcoming album are available on the website:
Author: Schizev
Translator: NetchenDoe
Source: / 2011-05-12 / News

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