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Cabaret - Electric Chair Song

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Cabaret is, unlike some might think, a Polish formation. Their adventure with music started in 1997, however, as they themselves say, the year 2000 should be taken for their starting point. It hasn't been much said about Cabaret since then : someone once mentioned them, someone knew something, still they haven't been perceived as Polish alternative music leaders. No surprise: after having listened to the preview single of the album “Homophobia” entitled "Electric Chair Song" I had an impression that it's highly export-like publishing. Already the opening track "electric chair song(single mix)" evokes associations with the debut CD of Mind.In.A.Box- "Lost Alone", however, it doesn't influence the music in general. “E.C.S" joined the list of my top hits at once. The first two mixes introduce the unique, pleasant atmosphere that only the music easy to listen, melodious, without complicated lyrics can create. Sang in a smooth, slightly nasal voice takes you to the state of fabulous calming. Mature, thoroughly thought over melody lines, calm rhythm and perfectly done vocal constitute the whole which is hard to resist despite the above mentioned musical associations. The third mix (220 Volts Of Electric Nosie Mix) is a more vivid track with a stronger beat and psychodelically mixed vocal, still, I have to admit it's the weakest one. It seems too long, though it lasts only 5 minutes. Perhaps the reason are the clear yet repetitive music sequences that leave impression that the track was actually repeated twice. "Dawn Mist Glowing (radio version)" is THE alternative. From the start I can't help the feeling that I listen to the mixture of music and ... Depeche Mode (their old output in particular)combined in a original, harmonious way... I know that I'm listening to something new in spite of clear influence resulting [perhaps] from the personal Cabaret members' music fascinations. The same track is offered to us on the CD in the “Ambient Dream Mix” version which is completely instrumental, longer and yet not boring though listened to repeatedly. The greatest surprise for me was to hear "Every Home Is Wired" by Porcupine Tree, the track I'm familiar with. The combination of gentle piano melody line and calm male vocal gives exceptionally beautiful ballad. The track I used to know so well, now performed by Cabaret gives me pleasure once again. It's one of those covers when to use “well-done” to describe it is not enough and yet “great” would be to much. The whole is closed by the outro entitled “Electric End” which is 2 minutes long ending including the leitmotiv of the single, that is the title "Electric Chair Song". It's exquisitely pleasant, musically mature and technically well-done music, definitely very interesting and worth your attention. It will suit the synthpop and new romantic lovers' taste as well as those particular ones that seek for original and interesting arrangements: the single is full of them. Despite the multiple listening I hear more and more in it and what's more important with every day passing my liking of Cabaret's music is increasing. I may definitely recommend the single to all, no matter what music you listen to. After all each of us needs a bit of musical solace from time to time which Cabaret guarantees.
Translator: Selene
Add date: 2005-12-06 / Music reviews

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