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Cardinal Noire - Cardinal Noire
W424 started the project after dissolution of a long running extreme industrial metal band and joining Protectrorate as a live member. Improvisation and utilisation of accumulated combination of hardware and software systems forming the base, songs started to form circa 2012, and eventually Kalle joining the project they started bleeding in to the Protectorate live set.
Recently visuals have become an integral component of the live experience courtesy of a salvaged laptop.
Available from 23 January 2015 by EK Product.

01. Venom - The Kognitiiv Dissidenz
02. Narkomat
03. MKIV - Eternal
04. A New Form Of Machinery
05. White Dust
06. Flagellant
07. Black Sustenance
08. Purgation
09. Mirror Shards 
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: EK Product / 2015-03-23 / News

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