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Catherines Cathedral

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Catherines Cathedral
Catherines Cathedral

Catherines Cathedral
Catherines Cathedral - Flowerdust


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Rock


Band members:

M. Valley
L. Son of Anders
D. Hansevi
Colonel Phobia
S. Morgana
L. Heino


Catherines Cathedral was formed by M. Valley, S. Morgana and D. Hansevi in 1992 with the plan to play gothic rock. They almost immediately recorded what would later become “Flowerdust”, the album that Preachers Cath would release in -93. The album impressed many others and they moved to House Of Kicks Records and Noxious Records, which released “Intoxication” in -94. In 1995 they released their last album, “Equilibrium”, which was also their biggest: They had evolved musically to such an extent that performing live on small concert halls where impossible. They now had a large sound and had to meet the crowd accordingly.
Catherines Cathedral held the Swedish banner of gothic rock high with all their classic gothic rock attributes. The lyrics had obvious elements of gothic literature and poetry inspired by Baudelaire, Poe and Lovecraft. They gladly sang about religious doubts and romanticized narcotics. They were more goth than goth itself, but they had a clear and simple sound accessible for most. Musically they were also influenced by other artists than just other goth bands, like Fields Of The Nephilim or The Sisters of Mercy: they leaned towards David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, Jethro Tull and The Beatles. The way they used the keyboards also gave them a feel of New Age.