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Closterkeller: Abracadabra Gothic Tour 2012

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Autumn is a busy time for Closterkeller - the annual "Abracadabra Gothic Tour" in permanently inscribed in the calendar. This year's edition is unique in a way - announced as the fulfillment of fans’ wishes it consists of concerts, during which only the band’s most renowned songs and hits would be presented. What’s more, due to the extensive scenic design, no support bands were included.

The audience came in great numbers to Poznan’s Blue Note club. Among the gathered one could see both representatives of younger fans as well as the generation that got to know the music of Closterkeller gradually form the beginnings, following the release of the every "colorful" album. Here and there, among the dominant black, some gothic outfits appeared.
Stage design was not as varied as one would expect after the announcement, but all that was there has effectively built the atmosphere for which every fan of the band might hope. There was only a high tunnel, illuminated from below with color-changing lights, that looked like a bird cage and was made of translucent white and black veils. However, instead of a nightingale, roses were suspended inside. The composition was finished with band’s logo adorned with floral details.
For some time only an eccentric plush mouse (singer’s namesake) was greeting the audience from the stage, when she finally appeared there, phenomenal as usual, the very queen of Polish climatic rock music along with the other four members of the group.
Despite the infection Anja Orthodox coped well with her duties, only from time to time asking the audience for help her with higher vocal parts, much to fans’ enthusiasm. Singer’s disease has, however, influenced the selection of songs for the setlist (leaving out, for example, "Królowa" and "Patrząc jak toniesz" from "Nero" album), but did this in any way weaken concert’s value? In my opinion – not at all.

"Władza" came as the first one, loved by most, while others have had enough of this composition. Powerful start of an exceptional concert - and then it got even better. Heavy "Nie tylko gra" warmed up the audience even more only to prepare them for "cold as the rock," vampirish "Agnieszka".
The performance turned out to be a treat for the lovers of old, new wave Closterkeller albums. Full of emotion, equally in the voice of Anja, her stage behavior, and also the instrumentalists’ playing "Czerwone wino" and started with a joint shouting from the audience "Purple" were just the beginning of surprises. Two classic songs from "Scarlet", one of them - "Mogę tylko patrzeć" - was an obvious bow to the fans, that allowed to feel one more time the strong rock beat.
Without any doubt, the most surprising element of the set was the composition "Blue". Phenomenal performance by Anja and Rollo duo gave it a new depth. Hypnotizing keyboard version exceeded all expectations, especially, when at some point, Anja went off stage, and Michał was joined by the rest of musicians - a subtle composition evolved into a monumental, long track full of sophisticated, moving guitar solos, although the original atmosphere was still there.
Krzysztof Najman’s t-shirt referring to the "Violet" album had to lead to something - when the singer returned from the dressing room, another song from the third album was played, this time the title song, although until recently "Violette" was announced as one that would be excluded from concert agenda for a longer time. Feelings of happiness under the stage were completed with "Scarlett".
I’ve never expected that I’d have a chance to hear "Jesteś wciąż nieuchwytny" and "Jeszcze raz do końca" live again, it is well known that even Anja isn’t really fond of their debut album. Dreams coming true? Like in an ecstatic trance I drank every single sound. Perfectly performed, again with the help of the audience, with a bit of rock freshness, but still faithful to the original recordings. From dramatic character of first composition up to the schizophrenic atmosphere and aggression of the next - the band proves their mastery in transforming all existing emotion into musical language.
Of course there had to be one of singer’s favorite songs from previous albums - "Tyziphone". The heaviest element on the setlist overwhelmed every one that allowed themselves to be carried away by the strong voice falling into the theatrical manner. And yet another surprise in the end, one that was rarely heard live until now - thrilling, terribly cold "Lady Macbeth", followed by a much warmer "Ziemia Obiecana".
You could never accuse Anja of lack of contact with the audience, with which she can easily interact. That night, despite the disease, she was all in good mood, enthusiastically leading a dialogue, telling anecdotes from the history of the band and joking on various topics, music industry in Poland among others. No wonder that the fans followed in lively, the band coming out for the encore twice (singer came out in a wig in color resembling of "Cyan" period), although just for shot time. Among the all together three songs performed there was a gentle "Lunar", very well received by the fans present in Blue Note.

This tour is definitely different from the previous, dark and heavy ones. Quite varied (light songs like "12 dni" are played, as well as the heavier, latest singles like "Halo Ziemia!", but also those from band’s early times) it is a look into all the works by Closterkeller. Opportunity especially for those who want to hear the greatest compositions, according to the fans, as well as for those who recall with longing the times of "Purple" and "Blue". This is the proof that really climatic music in the older formula still has its supporters, and the band itself, in the concert shape increasingly better for over 20 years, does not intend and has never intended to reject their roots. Class of its own.
You could only complain about the lack of "Nero" tracks in the setlist, but their replacements admirably fulfill their role. I have no doubt that, despite Anja’s illnesses, it was the best concert of Polish Gothic legend that I was lucky to attended. Once again till the end.


01. Władza
02. Nie tylko gra
03. Agnieszka
04. Czerwone wino
05. Purple
06. Śniło
07. Mogę tylko patrzeć
08. 12 dni
09. Blue
10. Violette
11. Scarlett
12. Halo Ziemia!
13. Jesteś wciąż nieuchwytny
14. Jeszcze raz do końca
15. Tyziphone
16. Na krawędzi
17. Lady Macbeth
18. Ziemia Obiecana

19. W moim kraju
20. Lunar

21. Ate

Translator: kantellis
Add date: 2012-11-24 / Live reports

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