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Closterkeller and The Act

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In a winter cold evening, those who love good gothic rock, gathered in Bazyl Club in Poznan. One hour before the beggining, part of the club was made available to fans and it was full. That was a good sign - public has come!. Concerts began due to schedule - it was also big advantage!. At the begginig The Act from Poznan gave their show. Most of the fans could hear them live for the first time, and applause was growing after every song although some technical problems caused by the club and its equipement. After a short break Anjja Orthodox and Closterkeller entered the stage. They played mostely new material, from their last LP Regina. They have played also their biggest hits including "Power". Because of a car accident band cound't be too dynamic on stage, but fans understood it, they were happy because concert was not cancelled. This evening was very good, foto relations are in our gallery, soon also an interview with Daniel - vocal of The Act (in mp3) can be found in our download zone, and a little surprise!
Translator: Attack
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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