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Cold Fusion - Occupatria

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Once again Cold Fusion showed us the masterpiece. The "Occupatria" album takes us into stirring and emotional journey to occupied territory. The place and time are unknown and music can be applied to many historical events. Sounds of "Occupatria" are even more monumental than on previous albums. The variety of sounds, more complex and filled with affective melodies, as well as overwhelming pathos is delightful. Moreover, there is no sign of kitsch which may be unavoidable while attempting to turn something that stilted to music. Worth attention is also the variety of motifs on each track. There are marching rhythms combined with grim melodies of a piano; we can hear loud, military kettles and drums, choirs, industrial statics and rifts, echoing speeches of the 3rd Reich as well as oriental elements that appear in "Crusade" and "While Carthago Burns". "Occupatria" is a musical story about the feelings that accompany men in a fight for freedom. It's very easy to get carried away while listening to that album because it is filled with pictures. In my eyes it deserves high notes and I must admit my curiosity about what Cold Fusion will surprise me with in the future. 


1 Never Go Back (4:00)
2 The Captive Dreamer (3:48)
3 The Struggle For Survive (4:49)
4 To The Bitter End (5:13)
5 Crusade (3:13)
6 Occupatria (4:42)
7 Deliverance Day (5:02)
8 Dear Fatherland Rest Quietly (5:03)
9 Report (4:37)
10 While Carthago Burns (4:15)
Translator: Antares
Add date: 2008-02-28 / Music reviews

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