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Cold Fusion - Report

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 Cold Fusion is a very talented Polish band playing Military Ambient. At the very beginning I warn You – if You want to get their CD 'Report” you may have serious problems: the label recording company World Office Propaganda released only 200 cds. It's sometimes hard to believe what treasures one may find on Polish music scene. If I was to compare CF to any other band it would probably be Sophia. Those, who had contact with military music know that it's a very daring comparison. However, after having listened to the album I think the comparison is good. Still, it's not a copy, fake or an attempt to repeat Sophia's success. On contrary, Cold Fusion includes the elements the other groups lack, namely rhythm. For music the specific rhythm is what a skeleton a human. I especially admire the track „Report III” [btw. The subsequent tracks, excluding Intro, are entitled „report I”, „report II” etc.]. In the recording all the background : pulsating drums [?] and the sounds of shooting, of tv, yells and speeches made me feel like during the march through the civilization. „Report” is an album experimenting with sounds also of different music regions. There are no doubts as far as military character of Cold Fusion is concerned. Their music is ambient of the best quality and I've never regretted that I had a chance to acquaint myself with their music. Good job! 80%.


2. Report I
3. Report II
4. Report III
5. Report IV
6. Report V
7. Report VI
8. Report VII
Translator: Nihil
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Music reviews

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