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Combichrist + Reaper + Kloq + Controlled Collapse

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On the 24th of March in Krakow's Rotunda, Blue Moon Agency organised a gig that is definitely going to be the music event of 2007 for many of us. Combichrist, Reaper, Kloq and Controlled Collapse – these bands managed to make us sweat our guts out. The crowd was really big, proving Poland's love for Combichrist. Previous concerts by seemingly similarly popular bands attracted much smaller audiences, thus all the people who showed up that time were quite a pleasant sight.

Our local heroes from Controlled Collapse were the first ones to climb the stage, celebrating the release of its debut "Injection" LP a day before, getting better show after show. This doesn't change the fact, that their music still needs more than there's to it, and the manner of the vocalist is unbearable. The audience responded with movement next to none throughout the whole set. I hope this will change in time, but for the time being the studio recording is much better than any liver performance, so I can only suggest you get it and listen...

Setlist: Intro, Insane asylum, Trust, Liar, Inject, Choice, Selfless, Dreams, Destiny

Second to hit the stage were Kloq, managing to absolutely surprise me with their show. Already the first sounds were enough to get the crowd moving, even though it wanted to save its full power for the main act - the people just gave in to the electro-trance. A nice sight, especially if you take into account that Kloq is not too popular in our country, so such a good performance will definitely make people look for their music. The show was too short - the only thing I can be upset about concerning Kloq.

Setlist: Ibiza, We're just physical, Connecting, Move forward, Push it

After Kloq, Reaper was the next act, with an energetic show not far behind the night's main attraction. The first thing you noticed were the outfits and makeup of the band members, making them look like a B-class black metal crew. This kitschy image was only a signal that the gentlemen are not too seriously concerned with their self-image, and after a while it was clear that they play much better than they look. I was waiting for "Twistem Trophy Hunter” during the whole show, and it got played as the last track, with no encores. Other tracks we could hear were "Execution of your mind”, "Robuste Machine”, "Urnesant” and "Angst”. The show was great musically, quite spectacular, and the vocalist gave us a few laughs - all you love during a live show, so I had nothing to complain about.

The Saturday night star that day was Combichrist, visiting Poland for the second time - the previous show took place in Poznan in 2004. The vocalist is a natural born showman, and already his appearance on stage got a reaction from the crowd, not to mention the music, indispensable on all electro parties for some time now. The gentlemen began with their smash hit "This Shit Will Fuck You Up", and it got even better with tracks that followed. Quite surprisingly, we didn't get the title song promoting their latest album, "What the F**k is Wrong with You, People". Although I prefer older Combichrist LPs, I was disappointed not hearing "Shut Up and Swallow", the demand for which was clearly shown by the audience. Still, such details cannot spoil an otherwise perfect concert. We heard hits like "Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood", "Like to Thank My Buddies", "Blut Royale", "Get Your Body Beat" and "Electrohead". The artists managed to give us two encores, even though they looked more tired than we did. Two "live" drumsets proved to be a good solution for live shows, and this time it wasn't only the vocalist that shone during a phenomenal performance.

The whole event was a smashing success (I can't tell you anything about the afterparty, as I left the venue right when it started). The organizers should be thanked for achieving the impossible and making Polish people to show up at the gig. The club, the performances and the sound system, usually well below expected quality - everything was top notch. All those who missed the show should really regret it.
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