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Controlled Collapse - Injection

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I must admit, that I've been waiting for the Controlled Collapse debut album with a great interest. It's not every day when one meets Polish musicians creating on the world level. Not only Humanization, a demo from 2005, but also some of their new music samples on the web, have already shown that the new Wojciech 'Kr- Lik' Król's work was going to be good. So it lived up to all my expectations. The album consists of twelve rather varied compositions, fast and peaceful as well. Listener's appetite for the music comes with listening to the Intro, thanks to its melodic bass line and dynamic beats, which Controlled Collapse is definitely characteristic of. These are the “smashing” beats that make one feel lively and make the sounds so unique. Melodies keep to a very high level as well. Especially the one from “Insane Asylum” won't let us forget about itself. This, a bit psychedelic piece, along with Intro and Trust (Takes Time) have become my favorite on “Injection” album. It's also worth to mention the pieces, where Wendy Yanko from Flesh Field and Darrin Huss from Psyche appear and colorize music with their vocals. Specially Solitude and sensual Wendy's voice has been on my mind since. The whole album traditionally ends with Memory of the Past, which we can also find on Humanization. All in all, a listener won't find any needless pieces. It can be heard that all compositions were thoroughly planned and finished up. Injection is a truly good album and I can play it again and again with a great pleasure. All we are to do now is waiting for the next Controlled Collapse's productions.

01 - Intro
02 - Liar
03 - Choice
04 - Selfless
05 - Dreams
06 - Insane asylum
07 - Trust [takes time]
08 - Inject [syringe edit]
09 - Where were you
10 - Solitude [featuring wendy yanko]
11 - Fulfillment [featuring darrin huss]
12 - Memory of the past
Translator: Antares
Add date: 2007-08-06 / Music reviews

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