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I was wondering where to start the coverage of this unique [at least for me] event that is concert of Covenant supported by Rotersand and Client. ... I believe I shall start right from the beginning . It was quite late when we set off from Poznań and that was the reason that we were late for the concert [Rotersand] i saw two last tracks only: Undone and Last Ship. I regretted that very much as the band was doing really fine! Well,we didn't have time for regrets anyway we had too much fun. After the quick change on the stage appeared three ladies from Client, wearing black leather dresses. Honestly speaking, I hadn't been expecting much from this concert, but it was a great surprise! The ladies won my heart at once. They had a bit of this "pose" look but it suited them anyway. I don't know their output a lot, but I have to learn more about it. The show was very electronic, light and sexy :) The audience liked it so that ladies gave bis two times !
Soon afterwards long awaited Covenant appeared on the stage. The emotions reached its peaks, among the audience the whistles were heard, each person called their name, whistled, screamed... so they had no choice, thy had to come on the stage :) as for me... I had to, simply couldn't help it... and i jumped on the stage. Guys are in my style : suits, ties, white shirts [excluding Joakim]. Eskil looked a bit older but he did excellent job ! Clas looked smart and he was wearing make-up and an extravagant coat ( I paid attention to that as it was really great). They greeted all very kindly and the concert started! 20kHz was first and then it was more or less as follows:

Go Film
Der Leiermann
We Stand Alone
I Am
The Man
Ritual Noise
And 3 bis!Thanks to the Poles going mad by the scene.I almost lost my voice while screaming, but we succeeded:
Bis 1:
Brave New World
Call The Ship To Port
Bis 2:
Happy Man
Dead Stars
Bis 3:
One World One Sky

The longer the concert lasted the more crazy the guys behaviour was on the stage : at some point when the band played Dead Stars Eskil gave the microphone to the audience and so some had the chance to sing out loud:) Of course there were plenty of hugs, unequivocal looks among members of the band, but it's a poof of the good relationship among them. I hope it will last ans I'm going to be on their next concert. The whole event finished at 1 p.m. There was also an after party in the club Silver Wings located across the street. The band mentioned that they would be there, but we had to come back so I don't know if they really went there.
Generally speaking, the concert was very good. The organizers deserve great respect for sounding and short breaks between each concert. The band's wonderful form [Eskil's great voice] and excellent supports added to the positive impression the whole event made on me.

Translator: LeNa
Add date: 2006-02-20 / Live reports

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