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DarkBeat Festival

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Dark beats had been announcing for quite a while the news that wonderful artist were going to come to Wrocław to play for the audience gathered in the club 'Liverpool' and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the portal postindustry. Apparently, this African way worked well as when we were going down to the club we stuck in a long queue of people wearing dark clothes. The concerts were supposed to start at 7 pm, but for some changes and other complicated magical rituals called sound setting we were given the unique chance to put ourselves into trans before the party (method to be chosen individually). It took about one hour.

The festival was opened by the project [haven], well-known to the part of the audience for his previous concerts in Wrocław. The author of the project - Asphodel – presented not only the songs of his first album “The last breath of lonely buildings”, but also new material enriched by the stylish visualizations. Immediately after the performance of [haven] (Literally, immediately after: the audience didn't even have time to praise the artist with bravo) another project of industrial family - synta[xe]rror - appeared on the stage. Both projects, well known in Wrocław for their participation i.e. in the event Darkest Weekend, are famous for their musical artistry and magical ability to charm the senses of the audience. No surprise then that sounds and visualizations produced by the musical wizards enchanted, even hypnotized the people gathered by the stage.

Just after the fair dose of senses massage the newborn monster - MonsterGod - came into play and offered an additional form of massage – namely this of muscles. The music presented by the clerics of sound was enormously rhythmical, danceable and extremely energetic. As the artists claim, it originates from electro-industrial, gothic and ebm, so it's no surprise that audience started to dance during their performance. It was one of two concerts of the Festival that I liked best and I hope I'll have the chance to see the band playing live again soon ( but what else could you expect from such an electro maniac as me:p)

After that there was a longer break as Bete Noire started installation of their their equipment on the stage. BN is a band that has played many concert in Wrocław and their popularity attracted a lot of their fans to the club. Their concert was a serious change of music atmosphere ( not the first and not the last this evening), however the audience seemed to appreciate this musical rollercoaster as the performance got a warm reception. It seems that the sounds of guitar, clarinet, drums and the specific vocal of Arnold Górka constitute quite a successful combination. At least this conclusion came to my mind after witnessing the reaction of the people and their comments that I heard here and there after the concert ( mostly there, as this evening Liverpool was packed to the full and there was no place for serious discussions, unless someone learnt how to levitate or had attention divisible by 5). D'Archangel, as I believe, needs neither the words of appraisal nor extended introduction – it's enough to say that the audience was boiling, waving and singing. A bath in endorphins one could say. Angelo did his best on the scene, the musicians used 100% of their guitars and Kasia's keyboards held all this madness together with their harmony. The applause was stunning.

From that moment one of the stars of the Festival - Miguel and the Living Dead - took over the scene. I observed the spectacle taking place by the scene from afar as my feet couldn't stand my zest for fun anymore. To say that it was euphoria wouldn't be enough. From where I stood I could see the great amount of heads moving in a collective madness, and hear a roar of approval and constant demands for more. The band won the audience and when the vocalist went down and joined the audience on the dance floor they sang together with him.

The last project mentioned in the line-up and at the same time the star of the Festival – C.H. District – made the audience's minds and bodies vibrate. It was definitely the second concert that appealed to me most during the evening. Perfectly balanced and combined sounds constituted a mixture that put those gathered by the scene into trans. People dancing in a flickering light of visualizations and extraordinary music created magical atmosphere as if from a lunar vision. I'm sure that for some people the concert will be a good encouragement to go to Poznań on 1st April where the band will give their next concert.

The performance of C.H. District ended the party for me as I didn't have strength to take part in the after party. Omitting the mater of some technical mistakes, I think that the first edition of Darkbeat Festival was highly successful: wonderful music, (very diversified, indeed – let's forget the remarks of the musical mixture resembling Irish stew hehe) and great people who came to Wroclaw from so many different places created an absolutely unique atmosphere of the event. I must say that I'm very curious what this child that was born on 25th March will grow into...

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