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De/Vision, Reactor7x + Hot Rain

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I promised to write a coverage from the show of De/Vision in Szczecin, yet, more or less at the same time, an idea of creating a sort of a column occurred to me, hence… a word-mixture is being served.

When one is intending to play at a particular kind of party, this person needs to conjure a set, which will be suitable to its atmosphere. In Szczecin, the thing is always difficult, as, for instance, even though that night De/Vision was headlining, they were supported by Hot Rain (which was afterwards impoverished by the leave of their vocalist) and Reactor7x – the bands that, according to me, were worlds apart. Due to the fact that both bands have their origin in Szczecin, it goes without saying that they will try to invite to such a party as many of their homeboys and home girls as possible, who, allegedly united by the peculiar atmosphere of dark independent related genres, will have fun altogether. Frankly speaking, no way could such a concept have succeeded. During the show of Reactor7x many of the "fighters" were gathered in the first rows, yet the whole bar was being occupied by Depeche Mode enthusiasts and/or synth pop fans. The conclusion is simple: do not play at places, where you will be unnoticed. On the whole, the group performed with remarkable charisma (as for such ‘freshmen’) and left the crowd awaiting Hot Rain. Those, having not played "home" for quite a while, therefore the fans were expecting a riveting show, which would make the audience go wild, but they were treated to a trick instead. The band directed a majority of its compositions to the walls, which constitutes a clear proof that one should not rely entirely on his/her new, yet not released tracks while performing. The end surprised: the older, well-known piece, but without a drummer… "Maybe someone from the audience might turn out to be of any help?". Fortunately, a right person for a right place was quickly found, simultaneously attracting the crowd’s attention to the stage. Then, after ten-minute break (the shortest anticipation of a performance ever!) and the members of De/Vision, the leaders of the synth pop scene, appear in front of the eyes of the crowd, by the time rather numerous and by all means eclectic. The musicians are being followed by a cloud of smoke and gust of legend. Even though so far they have performed four times in Poland, the fans greet them with the same, ever-lasting amount of energy. The beats are flowing, and the time is passing and passing and passing… the first song, the second, the fifth, the tenth, the umpteenth one… But where is "Rage"? Well, two hours of the concert have already passed, but not yet, not yet! The first encore (with long-expected "Rage" and the first troupe of dancers), then the second one (accompanied by the second troupe), and eventually the third encore, being a combination of the visualizations from the former two. The audience comprises of few people. A friend of mind, standing beside me, observes: "They could have played their whole discography and it would have been too little, anyway", hence the show may be regarded as successful.

The after party, which I was given a chance of playing at (hence my exultation at the beginning) was held after both concerts. Four djs, from whom one got lost at some point… In general, the music was meant to have been rather diversified owing to the audience of various musical taste. However, it is common knowledge, that a person who would satisfy everyone’s requests, has not been born yet. If the set was heavier, harsher, we would have a majority complaining, on the other hand, if there was only synth pop played, someone was dropping off, if there was a blend of each of the above-mentioned sounds, the people were simply leaving. Depeche Mode turned out to be a remedy for everything, putting our difficult situation in a state of equilibrium. To this day, it is a strange sort of phenomenon to me – after one, one does not attend a party to listen to exactly the same music one does on a daily basis, but also, apart from listening to his/her personal favorites, in order to hear something new, which one will later get back to at home, give a proper attention to it. But, as we all know, Szczecin is a Polish cradle of dark independent and Has its own, a bit odd rules..

Nonetheless, we should congratulate the organizer for having achieved a distinctive success. First, for having proved once again that he is capable of doing something which is looked up to, despite many hurdles. He can also organize everything skillfully and have fun until the early morning (the backstage party did take a new dimension of pure fun!). One way or the other, the people, heated up by Reactor7x, slightly chilled by, as it turned out, COLD Rain, and driven to ejaculation by the headliner, will surely not forget that evening…
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Add date: 2011-02-25 / Live reports

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