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Deathcamp Project – Painthings


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The gents from Deathcamp Project have revealed new details about their upcoming album - "Painthings", whose premiere is planned on 11.11.2011. 10 new compositions will be included on the record, which will give a total amount of 44 minutes of a brand new dose of music.
While recording "Painthings", the band invited two guests to take part in the session. In two pieces entitled "The Cure" and "Through The Fire", Wojciech Król, known from Controlled Collapse and Clicks, made guest appearance playing the synths. The title composition features violin parts played by Ewa Jablonska, who is known mainly from Indukti.

Here is what Void, the band's vocalist, said about the record:

"The album is very important to us - we are immensly proud of it. We have put all of our hearts into recording every second of it and we do hope you will share our enthusiasm!"

The record will be released on Alchera Visions.


01. Predestination
02. Too Late
03. Cold The Same
04. No Cure
05. about:blank
06. Betrayed
07. Through The Fire
08. Painthings
09. Scars Remain
10. Kłamać
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