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Decree - Fateless

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So far I was getting records with industrial/ebm rhythms, which clearly missed a guitar’s kick. But when I saw the description of Decree band, I thought that I could satisfy that hunger. And so I took 'Fateless', the third album in their career, which was released after seven years from the previous one. It is interesting thing, that on the record appears a drummer and there I was slightly afraid, if it would not entirely spoil the heavy, industrial roar.

But fortunately, nothing like that happened. It is hard and aggressive, it is a truly masculine piece of music. While listening to them I have a very strange association, with the disc far away from such stylistics, namely Killing Joke - Pandemonium. That convinced me even more to the fact, I have in front of me something special. But let's move on to the album and the cover, which inevitably connects with the world of cold and raw in transmission, dehumanized machines. You can see, that Chris Peterson and company had a clearly good idea, that they simply realized. We can not find there tracks, that turn out to be hits or will particularly stuck in our memory, but this album defends by the whole and the power. 'Fateless' does not offer anything cheerful, from the beginning to the end, every riff, sharp rhythm and vocals remind us, that there is a seething hatred. I would mainly classify to the best compositions "Bloodthirst", "Fateless" and "Night And Fog". The latter has something to do with ambient influences of Lustmord group.

I would recommend Decree’s album 'Fateless' to anyone, who loves the aggressive industrial sound flavored with metal-guitar riffs.


01 Finite Years
02 Fateless
03 The Prey
04 The World Enslaves
05 Bloodthirst
06 Night And Fog
07 Into The Light
08 Arrogance
09 Faded Glory
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