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d'electro Fall Tour 2006 'Madness'

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As the saying goes the happy do not measure the time... if it really is so, on 9th September there were plenty of happy people in the club Madness in Wroclaw...

The tour Lowe/Minerve/Nun as a d'eft 2006 took place in two venues: in Mega Club in Katowice and in in the said Madness in Wroclaw. When I got to the club there were no uncontrollable crowds on my way: some people were sitting outside and chatting, some were drinking, guys of Lowe played table football and the technicians of all sorts were trying to seduce the equipment and to make it work well. The courting was quite intensive as it lasted up till 10 pm,  so the audience that had come to the club in the meantime ( it was quite a diversified audience I must say  - diversified and colorful – no black color prevailing this time, so the  subcultures were integrating right alright:)  had time to practice happiness...with a little help of the bar... or without. 

The club Madness itself is quite a specific place – it is located far from the paths the club goers usually follow, nevertheless there had been a few good concerts there in the past. Still, as far as this particular place is concerned I associate it with reggae, ska, core and the like rather then anything else. One thing is sure – synthpop that ruled there that evening was definitely a change, a positive one if one thinks of people's reactions...

But to the point...

The formation Nun – the band that is well-known in Wroclaw for the memorable concert in Radiobar -  started the party proper. This year the band have given a concert in Sweden on Arvika Festival, they have also released a CD “Sunlight”, so I was curious about their performance live. The vocalist, Magdalena Kasprzyn and Olaf Karbowiak appeared on the stage wreathed in darkness and in my opinion musically they did very well. One could say that during the concert the music and not  the additional paraphernalia like light or smoke played the main part. Nun is a specific vocal that is rather girlishly fresh than womanly mature and yet it's not deprived of a necessary touch of warmth to compose perfectly with the cold-hot electronic sounds of the keyboard that are absolutely under Olaf's control. Definitely, it's hard not to mention the danceable quality of the band's music that comprises of a perfectly measured beat and the rhythmical, dynamic melody that joins the whole into a complete entity. What I liked best about the music of Nun was the ability to create catchy tracks without falling into banality and worn-out solutions. The band played ” Hope”, “ Vision of Life”, “ Blind” and as an encore “Sunlight” and “Stop!”. So, on the whole, the artists from Wroclaw left me enchanted ( and without accusations of a local patriotism, please ! :)

Next, after yet another dose of waiting ( yes, happiness practice continued) the Swedish band Lowe appeared on the stage. Until then quite a number of people had gathered by the stage, so the concert could be as it should – on the base of interaction artists/audience.
I believe that in case of the bands that base on emotions in their music the eye contact, the exchange of energy between the musicians and the listeners, the mimicry, the theater of lights during the concert are extremely important as they support the influence the whole event has upon the audience. The sphere of 'performance' then is no less important that the music itself. As far  as Lowe is concerned there was no failure: the lights were dim, the image of the artists stylish and yet not overwhelmingly extravagant, the contact was established,  so the reaction of the audience was very positive. At certain point the fans underwent a little test when the keyboard player Mehdi Bagherzadeh asked how many people had bought the original CD and how many had downloaded it from the Internet... those who admitted to do the latter heard some bitter words of truth :)
As to the music: it's a balanced and not annoyingly repetitive piece of work: melodious music with the sounds of guitar and calm, soft and stable vocal that caresses rather hits hard. Anyway, if anyone feels for autumn melancholia, the music of Lowe could constitute quite a nice soundtrack for your moods. The gentlemen started with “Move Me”, next they played “The Vanishing”, “Hear me out”, “Never Felt So Low”, “Gravitation” and, of course, “Ahead Of Our Time”.

The concert part of the evening finished with the show of Minerve who took over that audience that had already been warmed-up to a decent degree. So if one may speak of a kinda energetic outburst at that night it definitely took place during the last concert.  Daniel Wollatz, Matthias Thürk, Andreas Wollatz and Michael Paul Müller are surely the specialists of  the songs that capture the hearts and move the audience without any problems which process I was lucky enough to see not only in Wroclaw, but also in Poznan. The music of Minerve is gentle, but not monotonous; at certain points it enters the areas of dynamic, danceable club rhythm, but it never trespasses the border of moderate pace and balanced sounding. Daniel, elegant as usual, controlled the audience indivisibly: it was enough to glance to the dance floor to notice sea of hands raising towards the scene and the people dancing, singing and clapping their hands. “My Universe”, “High Pitched Emotions”, “Lost in your room”, “Clear”and “Take me higher” were the songs they performed to name just a few and as an encore:  “There is nothing” and “Crush”.

At the end the bands sang “Here 4 U” together.

After the concerts the after party led by ElectroRobot team started, but for many reasons I didn't take part in this memorable event :)
In general - if the Gods of Equipment were more benevolent, then the whole thing could be justly called a good party: the line-up was well-chosen, the music and the company great. So, in spite of the technical aspects it was an interesting experience which, in fact, will have its continuation in November – the team of Independent Events has already looked after that...

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