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Depeche Mode - Violator

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March nine nil. Day nineteenth. Mute Records Ltd. before releasing "Personal Jesus" had already stirred up the charts in the USA and elsewhere. Not to mention the legendary "Enjoy The Silence" with the memorable character of the Gahan-King created by Anton Corbijn. The third hit-single only proved the genius of "Violator", and we're talking "Policy Of Truth" here. Let me atke you on a trip... I put on the 47-minute LP. My throat gets dry. "World In My Eyes". The catchy tune bring me through the first collection of almost dark and alien sounds. Synth-opo "Sweetest Perfection" maintains the continuum. The track radiates with almost tangible cold, fear, psychical tiredness. A hit. Track No. 3. Almost a blues, cowboy tale of an improptu creation of a god, served on a tray by a tired waiter - "Personal Jesus". Mr Gahan takes us to an abandoned barrack, a 70s electro disco, here comes "Halo". Undoubtedly "There's a Pain". The Depeche style embraces also "Waiting For The Night (To Fall)" - a delicate apocalypse of closed eyes and falling angels. The sixth track. Recognized by everyone, played on every radio there is, raped commercially, but still loved. "Enjoy The Silence". Electronic melancholy? A beauty. Third single, "Policy Of Truth". Another catchy melody with a moral. A slowly passing "Blue Dress" and the final. "Clean". Synthetic violins? Synthetic cellos? An echoing whistle. CTRL+Shift. SUB -> All. Playlist Cleaned. The records goes back into the casing. Absolute. Won't grow dusty on the shelf.

1. World In My Eyes (4:26)
2. The Sweetest Perfection (4:44)
3. Personal Jesus (4:56)
4. Halo (4:31)
5. Waiting For The Night (6:07)
6. Enjoy The Silence (6:13)
7. Policy Of Truth (4:55)
8. Blue Dress (5:42)
9. Clean (5:29)

Translator: _lin
Add date: 2005-12-30 / Music reviews

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