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Devilish Impressions

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Devilish Impressions
Devilish Impressions

Devilish Impressions
Devilish Impressions

Polska, Wlk. Brytania / Poland, UK

Date of establishing :


Band members:

Quazarre – vocals / rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars
Armers – rhythm and lead guitars
Vraath – bass
Icanraz – drums


Considered as one of Poland’s leading and most innovative modern black / death metal acts Devilish Impressions officially started in 2000 as a three-piece, with founding singer / guitarist Quazarre remaining the only member of the original line-up. Marking their presence with the 45-minutes-long “Eritis sicut Deus; Verbum Diaboli Manet in Aeternum; Vox Vespertilio Act I – Moon Var Dies Irae”, self-released in 2002, the band began the process of shaping up its own spirit and self-consciousness, the long-time-hard work on what would later evolve into the epic, extreme music phenomenon as the band is being defined nowadays...

2005 saw them recording “Plurima Mortis Imago”, released in September 2006 on the London-based Conquer Records. The video for the song “SataniChaoSymphony” was shot in London and two months later, with the new guitar player Armers and the new drummer Icanraz, Devilish Impressions hits the road along with AETERNUS as part of the European “Ageless Void Tour”. In April 2007 they land a direct support slot on MARDUK’s “Swords In The East” Eastern European run.

After the successful tours, in May 2007 the group enters Studio X for the 3-months-long recording session of their second full-length album “Diabolicanos – Act III: Armageddon”. While the record was being mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, Devilish Impressions appears at Red Alert Festival in the Crimea, accompanying such acts as SUFFOCATION and VADER.
Autumn 2007 sees Devilish Impressions shooting the video for the song “Har-Magedon”, set to promote the „Diabolicanos…” album. At the end of the year, the band sets off for the “Verbum Diaboli Tour”, their first ever headlining run across the Eastern European countries.

The “Diabolicanos...” album, released in January 2008 again on Conquer Records, was widely praised in the international metal press and gave Devilish Impressions the opportunity to open for BEHEMOTH and SUICIDE SILENCE on “The Apostasy European Tour”, and then embark with DISMEMBER for the “UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland Tour”. Meanwhile the group was invited for selected shows of WACKEN ROAD SHOW 2008 yet, due to above-mentioned tours having been booked earlier, they eventually managed to join the WRS bill, OVERKILL, TRISTANIA, SAMAEL and ENSLAVED, for a show in Kiev only.
In May 2008 the album comes out in Poland licensed to Empire Records. The same month sees Devilish Impressions joining forces with their home country-mates HATE for their first time ever Polish invasion named “Rebel Angels Tour” being forced to drop off from the tour’s last date, as they had earlier been booked for the special show with SATYRICON in Ukraine.
The summer of 2008 included the band's appearance at Pro Rock Festival while co-headlining with RAGE and at Metal Heads Mission Festival with bands like MOONSPELL, GORGOROTH and SAMAEL to name but a few.
After finishing over a half-year-long touring cycle in support to the “Diabolicanos…” album, Devilish Impressions decide to continue their crusade, despite facing many problems on both, professional and personal levels, leading to further shifts in their line-up and temporary stage absence.

In the middle of 2009, Quazarre began to compose on what would later become the “Diabolicanos...” successor, introducing even more of a thrash and heavy metal influences in the song-writing process, and thus injecting a new dimension of brutality and catchiness in Devilish Impressions’ music. Increasing the use of clean vocals and further development of a melodic side of the new songs, made their sound even more of an epic character, sound that eventually turn into something the band themselves would describe as ‘MUSIC for the EXTREME experiMENTAL generation ONLY’.

In the second half of 2010, having a new bassist Vraath on board, Devilish Impressions enters few recording studios, incl. Studio X and Hertz Studio in order to produce their very best opus up-to-date named “Simulacra”. The long-lasting recording session backed up by session synth appearances of Flumen (Asgaard) and Lestath (METransmissionAL), as well as special guests incl. Orion (Behemoth), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) and Roman (Lecter), resulted in extremely sharp and massive sound of the album, that along with the new songs’ outstanding craftsmanship, breath-taking artworks and lyrical concept based on works of the world’s famous poets makes the “Simulacra” record one of the 2012 must-have metal offers.