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Diary Of Dreams - Ego:X


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With a release date on September 13, 2011 legendary German act Diary of Dreams return with the all new album Ego:X. Diary of Dreams is a band always undergoing a metamorphosis, experimenting with classical compositions, delicate pianos, guitars and electronics, and always creating a unique and brilliantly emotional sound.
Ego:X sees DoD’s mastermind Adrian Hates in peak form, as the stirringly powerful music and his stunning signature baritone vocals blend together to create a beautiful album, perfect for both the clubs and quieter moments.


01. Into X
02. Undividable
03. Lebenslang
04. Grey the Blue
05. Element 1: Zeitgeist
06. Immerdar
07. Push Me (feat. Amelia Brightman)
08. Echo in Me (X-Version)
09. Splinter
10. Element 5: Resignation
11. Mein-Eid
12. Fateful Decoy
13. Weh:Mut
14. Out of X
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
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Writen at: 2011-07-04 14:59:59
a mnie się wydaję iż album ma wyjść 26.08.2011