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Digital Factor - One More Piece

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The Germans of Digital Factor came back with a new material after a lengthy period of studio work on their own and other bands' material and a few successful gigs. And it is a comeback in style and with class. Their "One More Piece" is a great example that you can record a fresh piece of electronic music, without repeating old schemes, being very catchy at the same time. What's more, the record is an absolute club-smasher in its entirety, filling the dancefloors instantly. Their two gigs in Poland in the last two years (Poznan and Glogow) turned a lot of people to their music, being examples of a professional show. The label responsible for the release is our own Na Rzekach Art group. Personally, I think of Nitzer Ebb and other EBM classics upon listening, but the sound is richer and more up-to-date, as well as melodic. Choosing the best song from "One More Piece" would pose a significant problem to me. Why? The album is so coherent it comes best as a whole. If I was forced to single out some tracks, I'd go for Phase 2, a bit calmer Superlife, Morning star for its great tunes, a slightly break-beaty Call Me, the dancefloor filler Die Liebe. The band has succeeded in combining guitars and classic electronica. The album is really worth your time and money, especially since the Polish edition is better and richer than the original German one. Digital Factor live is a volcano, performing superb gigs both musically and media-wise. The reason for my mentioning it is that they are going to visit Poland again this September - full info on those concerts soon!

Digital Factor are:
Torsten Heise (synth/voc)
Mike Langer (synth/voc)
Guido Litke (guit/dr)


1. DeineWelt
2. Money
3. Phase 2
4. Superlife
5. The Li(e)ons
6. Morning Star
7. Bullet
8. Plastique
9. Conspiracy
10. Revolution
11. Call Me
12. Die Liebe
13. Road To Perdition
14. Die Liebe (Greyhound-rmx)
Translator: Attack
Add date: 2006-08-06 / Music reviews

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