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Diorama + Faderhead + Agonised By Love

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A journey to the concert of Diorama + supports had been planned in the A.D 2008 diary ' almost a quarter before as a real must-be. Despite the fact the club Progresja is not easily accessible - especially for the people from other cities – it didn't scare the Poznan teams away. Though we somehow didn't manage to organize the bus this time, the Poznan people had been reaching Warsaw in three parts from the early afternoon.

I personally chose ultra fast and ultra expensive option: IC+Warsaw taxi (you know what i mean) and I got to the club at about 8.45 pm, just in time to see the first support: Agonised By Love. We were welcomed by H_12 on vocals which idea was an interesting and a good one. Musically – an opinion confirmed by many people - the band keeps evolving in a good direction and obviously is on the road to success. The first break was used for further meetings and discussions with the people – well, in Poland it's often so that the same persons appear at every dark-independent event, so it was almost like at Bolkow castle:)

Just after ABL have finished, the two gents of Faderhead entered the stage: undoubtedly, in Poland, the band is most famous for one disco hit 'dirty girls and boys'. I'm completely indifferent to their live shows; at times I could hear (to my surprise) highly synthpop-camouflagish sounds and generally speaking after two pieces I went to analyze what the bar had to offer so in the end it was gin & tonic on the rocks who won the battle with Faderhead.

Just as the supports were ending the crowd by the stage started getting bigger and getting the strategic positions by the barriers:) Finally the time for Diorama - the headliner - to play had come. After two previous concerts of Diorama in Poland the expectations had been big and definitely one can say the band met all of them. Or even more: them played longer than planned. They played (more or less, according to the original setlist) LAST MINUTE, ERASE ME, EXITTHE GREY, WINGLESS, HOWLAND ROAD, THE GIRLS, SAID BUT TRUE, LEAVING HOLLYWOOD, E MINOR, WHY, DEFINITION POWER, SYNTHESIZE ME, ADVANCE, HLA, LIGHT, KEIN MORD. It's hard to express and describe the emotions evoked by the concert: you should have been there: the contact of Torben, Felix and the rest of the crew with the audience was simply amazing which -with a lack of 'superstar' poses - gave a magnificent effect. Of course the audience didn't fail either singing the songs together with artists, but, well – no surprise – each and every piece was a smashing hit. As to the vocal (lyrics) and music (technique) Diorama leaves most of other bands far far behind.
Talking about the special treats: special version of 'keyboards' the band used - of brand POLAND (who would care for some rolands hehe) – small but meaningful detail, just as the sessions of fans done by Torben from the stage (unfortunately it resulted in a contact with a loudspeaker and the crash test of the said camera, but it perfectly gives the atmosphere of the fun both the band and the people had at the concert with no distance whatsoever)

At youtube you may watch the action - link - it will speak more than 1000 words.

The concert was surely unforgettable, it's just pity the people for whom it would - perhaps – have been easier to go to Progresja didn't show up. After party led by Wookie and H_12 was fine, too and those who still felt like could have some fun and above all talk to the band, take some autographs and photos as they stayed till the end!
I regret one thing only; that the concert is over and we'll have to wait for the next one now. .. still, Diorama is a must-see – the next possible moment!
I recommend them to you wholeheartedly – even if you're not their fans yet.

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Add date: 2008-04-23 / Live reports

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