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Join our crew
To ensure dynamic progression of our magazine, we decided together to invite new ambitious and keen people to join our editorial team and help with data updating and managing website. As a staff member you will be entitled to many privileges, but you will be obliged to fulfil your duties as well.

To become an editor of Alternation music magazine you must be a person that is 18 years old and have knowledge about music among dark independent / industrial / dark ambient genre.
Experience in journalism and a gift of creative writing will be an advantage.

Currently we are looking for:
  • editors - writing reviews, news, articles and other texts like updates in events calendar.
  • photographers - taking photos during various events with press accreditation card obviously.
  • journalists - interviewing artists and reviewing variety of events.
  • people responsible for marketing, public relations and creating working relationships with clubs and music agencies (responsible for maintaining good brand name of our website, cooperating with companies etc.)
  • translators - translating from Polish to English and English to Polish.
People with passion of music that want to share their knowledge, feelings and music zeal.

You can specify your duties and focus on, for example, only reviewing.

Responsibilities of future editor:
  • Finishing given tasks on time - every new editor will be given 1.5 month probation period, after which they will be entitled to be given the grants mentioned below.
  • Work in partnership with the rest of editorial staff.
  • Help in training new staff.
Privileges you will receive as future editor:
  • Press accreditation card,
  • Written references,
  • Email address at domain,
  • Membership in editorial team,
  • Free tickets for many events,
  • Journalists and photographers’ accreditation,
  • Occasionally free CD’s and promo staff,
  • Access to our database, where we store few hundreds of albums you can listen to.
Few more technical aspects:
  • If you apply for photographer’s position, you need to present your portfolio and info about equipment you work with.
  • If you apply for editor, journalist or translator position, it would be good if you could send us a link or email with a text you are the author of.
If you still want to join us, fill in the form below and give us as much information as possible about yourself and how you see our co-working relationship.
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