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End Of Green

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End Of Green
End Of Green

End Of Green
End Of Green

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Michelle Darkness - Vocals
Michael Setzer -
Oliver Merkle -
Rainer Hampel - Bass
Matthias Siffermann - Drums


The band End of Green originally started out in 1992 when some of the members started a rock band. After a few demos and line-up changes their music had become much more original, gloomier, heavier and atmospheric. The band name means by the end of the color green symbolized hope. This fits with the type of music the band produces. The band describes its style as Depressed Subcore. The lyrics are about loneliness, depression, pain and death. After another demo entitled 'Seasons' their debut 'Infinity' (1996) was released. In 1998 they released the album 'Believe my friend' and they became very well known in the German scene. A fifth member, Michael Setzer (guitar), joined the band and soon the album 'Last Night On Earth' (2003) was brought out: a commercial success and not only in their home country Germany. August 2010 then month in chich he was Niven seventh studio album End Of Green ‘’High Hopes In Low Places’’.