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ENEMEF: Noc Grozy i Horrorów

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Movie Marathon Nights (Nocne Maratony Filmowe, ENEMEF) are a great opportunity for night owls to watch a thematic compilation of movies in the cinema when it is already closed - from sunset to sunrise. You have the whole night to plunge yourself into the world of your favourite film genre, director or a specific production. I'm sure that among horror movies fans there are a lot of ENEMEF enthusiasts.

A mass of movie lovers gathered on 26 of October in the Warsaw's Multikono Ursynów. The Horror Night programme included four movies: the first-night Moth Diaries, The Possession, The Woman in Black and The Cabin in the Woods.

The cinema hall was almost full. The Marathon started with The Moth Diaries directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho) and the producers of The Crow, a classic popular among the fans of Dark Independent. The motive of a boarding school for girls, toxic friendship and emotional vampirism. All here is subtle and characteristic. The sometimes trashy special effects did not spoil the reception of the movie as much as the peals of laughter of the (over)enthusiastic audience. Watching movies in the cinema makes the viewer more concentrated on it than if he was watching it at home. But ENEMEF has a bit more home-party atmosphere. Laughter and commentaries can be really tiring. I would recommend party-lovers to watch movies in private, and fans of good horror movies to watch The Possession. A little girl is being possessed by a demon from a mysterious wooden box. The demon turns out to be a dybbuk, known from the Jewish tradition. The demon also speaks a kind of broken... Polish. A surprising accent gave a bit of a flavour to this movie, despite the fact that possession theme is known to many horror fans. During intervals the audience was crawling to the minibar for snacks. The cinema's cafe was also very popular. Some viewers didn't make it till the end and went home. Those persistent had an opportunity to see the third production: the wonderful Woman in Black. A movie featuring Daniel Radcliffe, known mainly for his Harry Potter role, allows to have a look at the actor in a bit different way. We observe the adventures of a young lawyer made to arrange the documentation of a house put up on sale in a distant village. The house with a dark past... The movie is gripping and many gothic fans would love the interiors. The last movie was for those most persistent. The Cabin in the Woods is a bit crazy. Very "American" and starting like a typical comedy about a group of friends. The characters go to a out-of-the-way cabin for a weekend. Their vacation then turns out to be a real... horror. You can have mixed feelings about it, but the curiosity makes you watch that movie till the very end.

Summing up: the marathon was very pleasant experience. It was worth staying in the cinema till sunrise, just a couple of minutes before the first subway that day arrived. All movie-sucking vampires can now only close the lid and sleep off this exciting night, in order to return here once again the next year for another Halloween ENEMEF.
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