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Polska / Poland

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark ambient, trip-hop


Band members:

Luna - voice, lyrics, sound
Alphard - voice, lyrics, keyboard instruments, production 


Eternalovers is an unconventional Polish music project founded by a married couple in June 2009 in Wejherowo. Oscillating around the experimental, dark electronic music, down tempo style and dark ambient they released In Your Naked Accessions, a debut promo created at their own expense in April 2010. The above material comprises ten ossianesque music compositions based on the melancholic, gloomy arrangements. The promo includes, among other, a piece entitled Supreme Vampiric Evil - Opus Inferni, a piano based piece dedicated to Polish composers such as Wojciech Kilar and Krzysztof Komeda.
Polish and foreign record companies have become interested in distribution of their debut album: Heerwegen Tod Production, Naturmacht Productions, No Angels Productions.
In October 2011 Eternalovers recorded their first official album in North Studio, called Silence of Sorrow. For the promotion of the album a music video to the song My Silence has also been realized. In Tribute to Komeda there is a piece by the jazz pianist, Krzysztof Komeda, used, called Koukol Loughs. The piece Kochać i tracić [To Love and To Lose] is an interpretation of the poem by a Polish poet, Leopold Staff. The newest music material includes works of music which evolved towards dark trip hop and nu jazz consolidating with ambient rooted in the Eternalovers duo.
Eternalovers is an astral, abstract vision of another dimension of consciousness.