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Laibach in Katowice!

2016-04-08 (Events)

PW Events and Go Ahead agencies invite you to Laibach concert. Laibach is a well-known band in Poland. Their musical metamorphoses perfectly illustrate political changes that happened in Poland, starting from first visit of Slovenians in 1983 - time of profound totalitarism. The tour was called The Occupied Europe Tour'83 and it started their worldwide carrier. This time they come back to Poland for The Sound Of Music'16 tour, which celebrates 35 years of their stage activities. Concert will take place on 20 April in Mega Club in Katowice. Repertoire - the set will be made from classical compositions like: ‘Now You Will Pay’ or ‘The Great Divide’ and the tracks from their last album 'Spectre'. Tickets still available!

The Sound of Music Tour'16: LAIBACH
20 April Mega Club / Katowice
time: 20:00

75 zł for collectors:,1,346.html
85 zł Biletomat, Eventim, Ticketpro, Ebilet, Sklep ALL, Mega Club
95 zł in a day of the concert

Almost all line-up for Wave Gotik Treffen

2016-04-05 (Events)

To this year's edition of Wave Gotik Treffen we have less than a month and a half. On this moment the festival confirmed 160 bands that will perform in Leipzig from 13 to 16 May. Probably in a couple of days to the line-up will be added some new groups, but for now festival promises to be great. Below you can see all the bands that are announced for now.

The Algorithm will visit Poznań!

2016-03-22 (Events)

Go Ahead agency invites you to The Algorithm concert. Man behind the project, Frenchman, Remi Gallego, will come to Poland on 8th April 2016 to perform in Pod Minogą club in Poznań.

Hexvessel in Poznań!

2016-03-15 (Events)

P.W. Events and Go Ahead agencies invite you for one and only concert of the Finnish band Hexvessel in Poland! 
Mat's McNerney crew will visit Pod Minogą club in Poznań on the 29th March 2016, to promote their newest release "When We Are Death", which had its premiere on January 2016. 
The album was released on Century Media Records license, through their own label Secret Trees. 
What can we expect? Certainly another, fair portion of psychedelic rock in a truly neofolk style. That is undoubtedly the trademark of McNerney's band!

Hexvessel; support: New Keepers of the Water Towers 
29.03 at 19:00 Pod Minogą/Poznań

40PLN –,1,314.html,
45PLN – Ticketpro, Eventim,, eBilet,, CIM, Rock Long Luck, Pod Minogą club,
50PLN – at the day of the concert.

More info in our Calendar.

Dark Sounds Festival 2016 in Poznań!

2016-03-03 (Events)

On Saturday 25th June we invite you to Poznań for one and only musical event of this year!
Just before your eyes will perform known and critically acclaimed bands that represent dark and atmospheric electronic sounds:
Covenant - Swedish synth pop/future pop/EBM legend,
Electro Spectre - Norwegian dark noir duo,
Mondträume - German-Spanish project, 
Dark Side Eons - Polish electro-industrial duo.

Front Fabrik Festival

2016-03-02 (Events)

Front Fabrik Festival is DIY event made for music fans by music fans. We will host 6 bands and also an afterparty. Join us in Krakow on Apr 9th 2016!

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