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2017-10-07 (Events)

Go Ahead agency invites you to autumn's concerts of the Algiers band!
The group will play:
8 November in Poznań in Meskalina,
9 November in Warsaw in Niebo,
10 November in Wrocław in Firlej!

Algiers is a band that cannot be labelled by one specific music genre. Drawing inspirations from rock, post-punk, industrial electronic, and even gospel and soul influences, they create unique sound. Their debut album entitled simply "Algiers" was released in 2015. At the very beggining the band admitted that apart from ambitious music they have something more to say – by lyrics that without compromise tell about racism, religion, economy and ethics.

Currently Algiers are promoting their second album "The Underside of Power", produced by Adrian Utley (Portishead) and Ali Chant, and the whole was mixed by Randall Dunn.


Dotan Solo Tour

2017-08-29 (Events)

Go Ahead music agency invites on Dotan Harpenau concert! The artist will play on 15th October in Meskalina in Poznań!

Stu Larsen

2017-08-27 (Events)

On 4th October Go Ahead music agency invites you on Stu Larsen's concert in Meskalina club in Poznań!

I Am Giant - Playing With Fire Tour

2017-08-26 (Events)

On 3rd October in Pod Minogą club in Poznań will play I Am Giant!

Full schedule of Castle Party

2017-06-18 (Events)

Castle Party Festival will start in less than a month. The organizers have published a full schedule with the hours of performances of all bands as well as sets of djs.

Amorphis Under The Red Cloud Tour 2017

2017-06-07 (Events)

Finnish Amorphis group after critically acclaimed "Under The Red Cloud" album (Nuclear Blast 2015) comes back to Poland for two concerts. This time the band will vist on 20th August Ucho club in Gdynia and on 21st August Klub u Bazyla in Poznań.

Amorphis Under The Red Cloud Tour 2017

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