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Evolution or crime?

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Invention of casette MC by SONY started, slow at the beginning, but faster and faster, evolution of music distribution and of all copyrights things connected to it. Since making of true copy of favourite band music is possible and since fan dont have to hunt in stores for last album or sit all night at the radio just to hear new song, everything has changed. I’m not going to stad on one or the other side in this article. Let look at both sides of the story in the battle of mp3, p2p and copyrights. What’s agains mp3 and p2p? We all know that no one can work for free, even the greatest talent cannot compose after full time job and hard daily work – but often has to do it. Intelectual properties must be payed off well, if an artist is known, good and famous. Time moves on, after MC we had CDs and when the internet has surrounded all the world with his net – mp3, p2p and all this stuff. On the other side we have tons of bands that are known and popular just because of internet. They even wouldn’t exist without net and mp3. This is almost free of costs and most popular way of advertisement (vide myspace). Known and big bands that already have estated its position on music market are potentially loosing millions of dollars – its known fact – and this is other handicap of p2p. I said ‘potentially’ in purpose because we cannot be sure that every fan who got last album of band „x” on his hard disk in mp3 would buy it at the store. This is a big problem – especially in Poland where CD of good band costa aprox. 50 zl and for students and young peolple it’s usually too expensive. Hopefully some people think about new ideas and new ways of legal distribution of music in XXI century – it’s a must. One of those ideas is a regular monthly payment and subscription that guarantees legal use of mp3 and p2p with costs around 10 zl a month. That creates another problems to cope with – how to share money (musics, labels etc.) but this is a whole new story. The most important fact is that ‘the problem’ is known and people look for solutions. Situation that is current is not to be accepted by both sides and the truth is – we all love the music!
Translator: Attack
Add date: 2006-04-11 / Articles

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