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Extinction Of Mankind Tour 2017
Extinction Of Mankind Tour 2017 - Brezno, Bombura klub
Beginning: Friday 2017-09-15 20:00
End: Saturday 2017-09-16 01:00
Entry fee: ???
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Author: carpenterk
Category: Concert + party
Place:Slovakia, Brezno, Bombura klub (Nám. M. R. Štefánika 16)
KIFOTH a TERMINAL STATE, legendy slovenskej EBM scény vystúpia spolu na jednom pódiu v rámci Extinction of Mankind Tour 2017. Hosťom bude brazílsky projekt kFactor.

Počas koncertu kapely zahrajú nové skladby z posledných albumov a takisto aj známe skladby ako Victim (KIFOTH); Ultraviolet Coma (TERMINAL STATE); Prototype (kFactor) a ďalšie...

KIFOTH and TERMINAL STATE, the legends of the Slovak EBMs are joining their forces to perform Extinction of Mankind Tour 2017
The Brazilian Old School project kFactor will complete band list on this tour.

Bands will perform their old tracks as well as the new tracks from latest albums, so you can hear well known songs such as Victim (KIFOTH); Ultraviolet Coma (TERMINAL STATE); Prototype (kFactor) and many many more.

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