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Fields Of The Nephilim in Cracow

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31st January 2014 is a date which will stay in the memory of gothic music fans for long. On this day widely acclaimed legend of the genre, Fields of the Nephilim, threw a concert in Cracow (one of the two in Poland).
The event took place in Studio club, which is one of the well-known and recognised music clubs in Poland. Every year concerts of best Polish and foreign artists are organised here. The diversity of the repertoire permanently gathers here crowds of fans.
In this evening crowds of dark souls were gathering here. Standing near the entrance we observed approaching fans of gothic with their tickets held firmly in their hands. Those who hadn’t managed to buy tickets earlier could do this at the entrance. Anyway, finally we all got inside. Austerity and specific atmosphere of the interior evoke a certain mood. On the stage Digital Angel was serving a mixture of traditional gothic rock and elements of modern electronics. Most of the people were still wandering about or went straight to the bar. From around 8 pm the stage belonged to the most famous Polish representative of gothic music, Closterkeller with charismatic Anja Orthodox as a frontwoman immovably for 25 years. It was very important concert for the band – after recent changes of band’s members (the band was left by the bass player Krzysztof Najman and the guitarist Mariusz Kumala) Closterkeller for the first time performed with new musicians. Unexpectedly the new guitarist is a woman. Such a surprise had not been expected by anyone. It was an hour of very emotional playing, it was possible to feel a certain feeling of tension and may be concern. Anja from time to time was peeping at the blond guitarist while she was so focused on playing that she probably hardly noticed anything around. The group of faithful fans was enchanted by their goddess. It’s hard to deny Anja’s ability to hypnotize with her voice. The audience seemed to be satisfied and it’s probably the most important and decisive factor when it comes to concert’s success. Finally the time for the headliner comes. Just few minutes of technical break. More and more people in front of the stage. More and more smoke and less and less clear light. And here they are. The audience from the very beginning was thrown into ecstasy while they were adamant and fed the atmosphere. Dark music, deep voice of the vocalist and baleful image created dramatically magical atmosphere. Fields of the Nephilim. Mysterious, almost apocalyptic aura influenced the audience leading them into hypnotic trance or heating them up. Some of the fans stood still watching and listening with fascination, some indulge in this full of darkness music. The concert was exceptional because of two things. Firstly, the co-founder and original bass player Tony Pettit rejoined the band. Secondly, it has been 25 years since the release of the cult album "The Nephilim". The set list included "Chord of Souls", "The Watchman", "Love under will", "Moonchild", "Last Exit For The Lost" from the above mentioned album and tracks such as "For Her Light", "At The Gates of Silent Memory", "Psychonaut Lib. III", "Mourning Sun", "New Gold Dawn". It was amazingly atmospheric concert, minimal interaction with the audience made the atmosphere more menacing. Even the acoustic faults didn't spoil the effect.The band played an encore – two more tracks and they disappeared. The lights were on and they started to clean. That’s it. The end. We left the place with the feeling of disbelief. We wanted more. It was worth it. Hopefully we will have more concerts like this and more such bands here in Cracow. Meanwhile it’s time to come back to reality.
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