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First bands at Amphi Festival 2013!


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After incredible eighth edition of Amphi Festival it’s time for the organizers to start new preparations. That’s why we have got some fresh news.
First of all, we have already known the date of the 9th Amphi Festival! It’s going to be on 21st-22nd July 2013.

Next, the tickets. From 1st August on you can order the tickets for next edition, also the popular group tickets 5+1 are available. But remember, as always – the number of group tickets is limited. So – who’s first?

The last information, but the most enjoyable one. A part of a line-up has been revealed. In 2013 at Amphi Festival we will surely see: FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, ALIEN SEX FIEND, AGONIZE, PETER HEPPNER, SUICIDE COMMANDO.

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